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  1. Hi all, I've reached a point where I'm no longer embarrassed and just want answers. I haven't had a solid BM since I started January Whole30 (I'm on Day 17.) I've just had diarrhea constantly. Am I dehydrated? Do I need to incorporate a probiotic into my diet? More leafy greens? Please help a sister. Thank you!
  2. nicolemalena

    Start Date: January 1, 2018

    Hi friends! I'll be starting my second Whole30 on January 1st. I have two things I need to clarify. 1. On the meal template it says "add fat in the following recommended amounts per meal" and lists healthy fats. Do we pick one of those, two, three? Is there a limit? 2. My day typically looks like this: -Wake up around 6am, drink water, eat breakfast, drink coffee -Have lunch around noon -Work 9am-5pm, then workout 6:30 to 7:30pm (I typically do yoga, TRX or a yoga-based fitness class) -Go home and eat dinner afterwards I know you're supposed to eat a pre and post-workout meal, but for me, it's A LOT of food crammed in to a short period of time after work/before bed. I'm not worried about eating a pre-workout meal, but since I workout so late in the afternoon, it seems like I don't have time to fit in a post-workout meal. Suggestions? Thanks fam!
  3. nicolemalena

    Wine help needed

    Sparkling water in a pretty glass has definitely helped me, along with focusing on how I'll feel in the long run. So far, on day 22, it HAS been illuminating to realize how I feel without it. Just remind yourself that you'll get a good nights sleep and not wake up feeling hungover/tired/unmotivated.
  4. nicolemalena

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Day 8-9 were horrible for me, but it has passed. I woke up early and went to the gym with my new found energy! Good luck! Your dinner sounds amazing btw.
  5. I haven't read anyone else's comments yet, but here's what I have to say. I'm in the exact same boat! It doesn't help that my boyfriend has a few beers every night. I love sipping wine while I make dinner, and I miss that so much. But here's what I keep telling myself: IT'S ONLY 30 DAYS. Just go for it. The wine will be there, waiting for you at the finish line. I think I personally have an issue with alcohol - it's a huge reason I decided to do Whole30 - and after only a week I'm reaping the benefits. I sleep better, I go to bed at a decent time, I wake up early and go to the gym. It's been eye-opening and I can't imagine going back to drinking as much as I used to. Only for special occasions like being out with friends and holidays. You can do this! I know I'm trying my absolute best. It's only 30 days!!!
  6. nicolemalena

    day 15 and I'm over this

    I'm glad I read this. I'm only on day 7 and I'm doing just fine but 4 days before the September Whole30 is complete I'm going to Oktoberfest. I already considered ending my 30 day challenge a little earlier to enjoy some beer, but after almost a month of hard work, why stop just days before completing? I can't believe it, but I'll probably go to Oktoberfest, not have a single beer, AND have pre-prepped meals with me. WHO AM I!? This commitment is worth giving up indulgences for only 30 days.
  7. nicolemalena

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    It's September 2016 as we speak and I'm reading the Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk ingredients and there is no longer Carrageenan listed. They even say on the front of the bottle CARRAGEENAN FREE!!!!!!!!! Can we add this milk to the compliant list? I can't get New Barn anywhere I live and sometimes I'm too lazy to make my own (SORRY.)
  8. nicolemalena

    Confused About Fats

    I will be starting my first Whole30 in a few days and I've already begun planning out my first week. I'm confused about fats though. The meal plan guide says "add fat in the following recommended amounts per meal". Do I just include one of those bullet point items per meal or ALL of them? I assume it's just one but I need clarification. Thanks!