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  1. AmandaKR look at ALIVE multi vitamins I think their compliant, I've been using them since I did whole30 over a year ago!
  2. PatriciaNY


    Thank you ShannonM816, appreciate it. Starting again March 1st with my daughter and son-in-law and remember being this way when I did whole30 before. Appreciate the feed back!
  3. PatriciaNY


    Anyone having a problem with constipation on whole30 and if so what are you taking that's compliant to relieve this issue?
  4. I have been off whole30 for a long time now, time for me to get back on track and start eating healthy again. I just purchased a Vitamix blender because I think it will help with such things as nut butter, and nut milk, and soups. If anyone has used a Vitamix on their whole30, I sure would appreciate some recipes or ideas, need to jump start my whole 30 again soon as I get this cast off my wrist~!!!!
  5. PatriciaNY

    Recommendation for Multi-Vitamins

    I'm not a doctor nor profess to be one, I've had gastric bypass and felt I needed to have some vitamins also, because after gastric bypass your on a slew of vitamins. I looked for natural vitamins and found "Alive" they also have it for women over 50+. All natural and compliant I made sure hopefully this helps, I searched a LONG time to find something and found them! Good Luck!
  6. PatriciaNY

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    What about the 2 grams of sugar it has in it? That's not compliant is it?