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  1. I have been off whole30 for a long time now, time for me to get back on track and start eating healthy again. I just purchased a Vitamix blender because I think it will help with such things as nut butter, and nut milk, and soups. If anyone has used a Vitamix on their whole30, I sure would appreciate some recipes or ideas, need to jump start my whole 30 again soon as I get this cast off my wrist~!!!!
  2. PatriciaNY

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I sauteed a head of cabbage in olive oil, fresh garlic, and put adelis chicken apple sausage in it with some curry powder salt and pepper was delish!
  3. PatriciaNY

    Basic mayo

    I just made mayo this past weekend using my blender Ninja and it comes out perfect, this is my second batch. Ingredients have to be room temperature. I doubled this recipe! Tastes better then Hellman's if you ask me and much cleaner!!!
  4. PatriciaNY

    mega proud of myself

    @foursimplewords Kudos to you!!! You got this!!! hats off to you!
  5. PatriciaNY

    Recommendation for Multi-Vitamins

    I'm not a doctor nor profess to be one, I've had gastric bypass and felt I needed to have some vitamins also, because after gastric bypass your on a slew of vitamins. I looked for natural vitamins and found "Alive" they also have it for women over 50+. All natural and compliant I made sure hopefully this helps, I searched a LONG time to find something and found them! Good Luck!
  6. PatriciaNY

    Liquid mayo??

    @JGlee Hi I recently made my own mayo using this recipe! It came out awesome! Just a helpful hint and as someone said previously use it for dressing or dip for veggies!
  7. PatriciaNY

    Funky Ghee? This is what I bought in a pinch I thought it was very good, but that's just my opinion
  8. PatriciaNY

    Holiday Sugar Issues!

    @Nira81 I feel your pain, but I'm starting another w30 after the 1st, I know that's against the rules but starting from scratch is the only way for me to get back on track, still drinking coffee black with nutpods (reminder to self order more lol). For the most part I did good on Christmas, but drank wine and sat in front of the fireplace to relax with my sister. So will most likely do the same on New Years! but making my bone broth this weekend and prepping for the beginning of w30 again with a positive attitude that I can do this, did it before can do it again! Sugar dragon be gone again!!! Happy New Year!
  9. PatriciaNY


    When I first started W30 I thought "drinking coffee black?" But you know what it's ok I drink my coffee with Hazelnut unsweetened Nutpods I get from Amazon. Since I've given up the artificial sweeteners food tastes better! The nutpods don't give it sweetness but makes it nice and creamy with NO dairy and NO sweetners. Good Luck! another hint watch the ingredients in your almond milk!
  10. PatriciaNY

    Funky Ghee?

    Definately try making your own! I myself think it has a sweet taste to it easy and yummy!
  11. PatriciaNY

    What sayings help to keep you on track?

    "You are what you eat so eat Healthy"!
  12. PatriciaNY

    Coffee Creamer Cravings

    I get the unsweetened Hazelnut nutpods love them in my coffee, doesn't make it sweet but makes it creamier!
  13. PatriciaNY

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I made ratatouille from the whole30 book and added shrimp and tons of spices Mrs Dash and Italian seasoning Yummm! Have leftovers for lunch!
  14. PatriciaNY

    Completed Whole30 Today!

    Congrats! @Stacey Kolinsky good for you girl!!! You sound like I did when I completed my first whole30, this is now a life style for me and I love the way it makes me feel too! Have you noticed that food tastes better? I've been making a lot of different things and eating clean is a way of life for me now! Good luck Stacey
  15. PatriciaNY

    Lame Beef Bone Broth

    @MeadowLily why would you dis guard the fat on top of your bone broth? That is liquid gold! When I made my first bone broth it was awesome fat and all!! Just sayin