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    PatriciaNY got a reaction from bethross in Recommendation for Multi-Vitamins   
    I'm not a doctor nor profess to be one, I've had gastric bypass and felt I needed to have some vitamins also, because after gastric bypass your on a slew of vitamins.  I looked for natural vitamins and found "Alive" they also have it for women over 50+.  All natural and compliant I made sure  hopefully this helps, I searched a LONG time to find something and found them!  Good Luck!
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    PatriciaNY reacted to paperbirdie in Are you new here? Welcome!   
    Hello! I'm planning to start tomorrow, and am doing some last minute homework tonight, in preparation...
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    PatriciaNY reacted to colleen lowe in Are you new here? Welcome!   
    Hello. I am on day 9 of my first round ever. I am loving it but also wondering if I am doing something wrong as I feel good. I am eating a lot and learning as much as I can as I go but haven't hit any of the timeline predictions. What's up with that?
    thanks for all the great links!
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    PatriciaNY reacted to becausewhole30 in One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:   
    Prepping my lunch for tomorrow. Happy curry chicken salad makes a happy me.
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    PatriciaNY reacted to slc_melissa in Compliant bacon - FOUND!   
    Still check the ingredients of your bacon. Just because  it was endorsed by a Paleo magazine does not mean that it is whole 30 compliant.
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    PatriciaNY reacted to whole_kat in Compliant bacon - FOUND!   
    Wellshire Farms Sugar Free Paleo Bacon at Whole Foods (Hyde Park Chicago) @ $5.99 for 8 oz. 
    super yummy!!!
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    PatriciaNY reacted to Tina R in Download a 7 Day Shopping List for the new Whole30 Book   
    Although there isn't an official 7 day meal shopping list, I created my own for you to use with the new Whole30 book if you want. This is for one person. I was unable to find recipes for slow cooker beef brisket and plantains in the new Whole30 book. So I used the Braised Beef Brisket recipe instead. You will have to find a pan fried plantain recipe and add those ingredients to the list. I hope this helps. Enjoy!Shopping List for 7 day meal plan.pdf
    If you're having trouble downloading the shopping list, try this link instead.
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    PatriciaNY reacted to SugarcubeOD in Why are collagen peptides whole30?   
    Melissa is on book tour and while I will email her and ask her to chime in personally, that might be a while. 
    Your question about collagen peptides has been answered to the best of our ability in that it is a supplement that SHOULD someone want to use it, the company, their ethics, business standpoint and product have been vetted as something that is in keeping with the spirit of the Whole30.
    Your comment about Melissa not making enough money off of whole food is completely inappropriate and nothing more than inflammatory.  The entire program is available FOR FREE on this website.  People can access everything they need from templates, rules, recommendations, community support, troubleshooting, manifestos, shopping lists and dozens of other resources for FREE to be more than successful at the program. If you choose not to partake in the Whole30 Approved items because you're offended that The Whole30 gets a small stipend from the partnership, then that's your choice, but do not come here and slander Melissa and her team.  The partnership with each Whole30 Approved company is clear and transparent, including the part that involves money changing hands.
    I did not mislead anyone in my post about some reasons why people may choose to take collagen supplements... You said that people that wanted more collagen should just drink more bone broth and I was giving you a reason why that might not be feasible.  If that's feasible for you, then great. Everyone has their context.
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    PatriciaNY reacted to megmac in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    "Grocery shopping" takes place at more than 3 locations.
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    PatriciaNY reacted to jmcbn in Whole30 approved almond milk?   
    Is it listed as an ingredient? If yes, then it's out. If it's in the nutrition info then it's fine - nuts have naturally occurring sugars.