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  1. CoffeeBean


    Technically the 14th by now.. BUT happy (belated) start date
  2. CoffeeBean

    Awaiting that tiger blood...

    The phrase and definition set my expectations too high, personally. I felt I was waiting for Godot, haha. I definitely felt a lot of NSVs but the tiger blood.. was there but subtle. More like an accumulative "good" feeling (perhaps a sense of clarity). Everyone is different though: the timeline only applied to my journey in a select few ways, but never on schedule! Glad you're seeing some improvements (: keep up the good work. And I wish you the tiger blood you seek, lol
  3. CoffeeBean


    Yay for you (:
  4. CoffeeBean


    You'll hear this a lot: prepping is critical. I have several large mason jars I've been living out of since I started this. Filled with zucchini, butternut squash, riced cauliflower, compliant mayo, salsa verde, curried chicken, (peeled) hardboiled eggs, etc. By making big batches in advance, it was always easy to spoon out a meal template when the time came. Also, what really helped me at the beginning (I was going solo in a household of ice cream and take-out regulars) was my self talk. "_______ will always be available. For the next 30 days, I'm simply choosing to not have it." Time has its way of slowly speeding by; before you know it you'll be on day 31. What really planted a smile on my face was that by day 31(+), I didn't care for the things I had been "simply choosing to not have." I completed my first round on Oct. 1st. Made it through 2 birthdays (one was my sister's) without alcohol or sweets, and it wasn't the end of the world. If anything, it bordered on empowering . Hope you dive in and enjoy the ride! Don't be surprised if it turns out to be a lifestyle changer tho I didn't expect or ask for it, but am satisfied with the new trail.
  5. CoffeeBean

    I'm at a loss (or lack thereof) ...

    My knowledge is limited but I have seen the difference strength training has made for several people in my life (as well as for myself). There are plenty of free programs available online to get started (even ones developed strictly for women). Perhaps peppering in some bodyweight or core routines throughout the week could help? It takes about 4 weeks to see the results, so you've gotta stick with it a hot minute. Just a suggestion... Wish you well!
  6. Have you tried coconut cream (or full fat coconut milk) in place of the nutpods for the coffee? Might be a worthwhile swap
  7. I've seen a lot of advice to lay off the nutpods, sometimes reduce avocados and I'm pretty sure flax is acceptable but not ideal (like chia seeds, technically compliant but in small and sparse doses). I was highly surprised to find that hazelnuts cause such digestive upset for me (they've been a regular part of my diet for years before this). I've seen moderators suggest nuts are an inferior source of fat, and nutpods have caused concern for several members. Maybe search FODMAPs and try limiting or eliminating some key culprits from your diet.. It helped me! Last thing.. perhaps you're on schedule with the "What to expect" timeline (for bloating). It might provide some comfort to scroll through it again. Hope you feel better soon!
  8. CoffeeBean

    Need a reason to continue

    I started Sep. 1 so have roughly the same amount of time invested.. am also waiting for the results to kick in. But considering how I've treated my body for all the years before these past weeks I plan on extending my first whole30 longer before I can appreciate the benefits. Are you both white-knuckled during the process (just waiting anxiously for the last day)? Speaking for myself it's not hard and I can't say my decisions before this lead to more "fun" or satisfaction, so I'm just coasting it for now. I keep reminding myself to trust the process; I believe my body deserves the opportunity to see this commitment through. You're already almost done anyway! Hard part is over, so why not finish the last stretch full force and close the chapter properly. Worst case scenario is you honestly wouldn't see a benefit in doing it again, but at least you'd know for certain. Dunno if this helps you any, hopefully it does though!
  9. CoffeeBean

    fell at day 21...

    Champions are not the people who never fail, but the people who never quit! You've proven to yourself you can do this & have been about the forums motivating others. I would bet that if you spoke clearly to your family about the whole30 (and your "whys" for wanting it) they would respect your efforts and cheer you on rather than urge you to slip. Think how upset they'd be if they heard how you're beating yourself up now? You've got this, you're too accomplished to let one meal rip you apart! Side note/possibly my favorite life quote: Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. Alexis Carrel
  10. Have you invested in the tea aisle lately? I heard on the whole30 you need to check since some companies add in (sulphites??) something non-compliant to the bags occasionally. Otherwise, the world is your oyster considering tea options. I know several mothers who swapped coffee for green tea and swear by the benefits. Personally I love the aroma, color, and flavor (bitter, fruity, flowery, spicy...) variety available. Plus the herbal ones for their effects (like chamomile). Best of all is finding a favorite and making a large batch for the fridge. (Boil water in small pot; simmer ~6 teabags for several minutes; dump in pitcher and top with cold water). Great job analyzing your habits! You've got the footing for the up&up life (:
  11. I doubt it would be acceptable according to "the spirit" of the program to recreate a treat you want in a compliant manner.. but if it's the difference between breaking track or maneuvering forward, well, I have my opinions of which is better. If it's ice cream you're craving, I'd recommend slicing up some banana and freezing it. I haven't blended them before (since they're so darn delicious as is) but I'm sure that would be great as well. If you want to get all fancy perhaps you could top it with a homemade nut butter--I'm in love with simple toasted hazelnut + sea salt (optional: cinnamon for sweetness). Also, I saw a pinterest post that blended frozen pineapple with coconut milk for a treat (considering trying that in the future). I'm only on day 13.. have been content thus far, gratefully, but I hope your mood pans out for the better. Best of luck, sincerely!
  12. One thing that really helps me is the perspective I've adopted for the W30: "I won't have ____" (as opposed to, " I can't have ___.") It's only 30 days and they'll pass by before I know it (such is the case of every month in my adult years, lol). But we deserve the chance to see what this can do for us given a 100% honest effort. Simply the change in self-talk calms down any desire for jumping ship. Anything you crave will still be available after day 31, or whenever you choose to reintroduce. Glad you're back on track, but I am sorry to hear how upset you were about the backstep. Life is far too short. Every millisecond the present becomes the past, so focus on the future.. and don't let the past do anything but propel you to better places! Last thing: having food options prepped ahead of time is sooooo critical, I don't think I could remind myself enough, lol. Best of luck (:
  13. CoffeeBean

    Day 5: Name just 1 thing that's better since starting

    Also on day 5.. maybe I'm over excited but I can think of several changes which I'm grateful for: 1. Last two nights I was exhausted by a reasonable hour and slept like a newborn. 2. As mentioned in an above post: I feel in control again. I'm doing this solo in a household of food-pushers. It feels great to say (& know!), "I won't" instead of "I can't have _____." I deserve to see the outcome of a 100% effort, & believing that has cleared my perspective. 3. My choices have inspired small improvements in others'. I posted the Whole30 rules on the fridge (mainly for my own good) but I've been asked many questions daily and have witnessed more fruit and veggies purchased these past days. Whether that lasts or not tho, who knows. But I'm grateful (: I'm excited to see what good is yet to come! Best of luck to everyone on their journey