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  1. So, following up on my post from Sept. 12, I'm now frustrated, confused, and hoping to get an answer sometime soon on what's going on. Sorry if the information here is TMI. I shared that my period started on day 5 of this whole30, and it was about 7-9 days before my usual start, and I wasn't concerned. Typically, my cycle is very reliable as I've been on the pill for several years. It would start on the weekend it was supposed to, last 2-3 days, and be done. I'm currently on day 12 of bleeding/spotting (some days it's heavier, some days it's lighter, some days it goes right ba
  2. I've done several rounds of whole30, and occassionally I'll be early or late by a couple of days, but nothing too shocking. I've been regularly taking birth control pills, so as long as it came around the same time every month, all was well. This month, though, on day 5 of whole30 I started my cycle - about 7-9 days before it was expected. Thought it might just be spotting, but no, I got it all. Cramps, back pain, etc. Don't particularly have any questions about it, just thought I'd share in case someone has insights or if someone else experienced something similar.