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    I know a "school lunch lady".   She's a good one and an excellent chef/cook.  She tries so hard to make healthy lunches for the kids but is limited by the food delivery and school protocols.   She's in charge, but not really.   She can't stand putting out that food...but here's the real kicker.  They've added more fruits and vegetables and they're dumped in the trash every single day by the kids.  The good food is thrown.   Might as well take them to the city dump and let them forage....they've grown accustomed to pop tarts, chips, and soda pop.   
    Food education begins at home.
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    This kind of thing fires me up. Our food industry is so broken!! I went shopping for my first ever Whole30 last night. Even at Whole Foods, it was astounding how many packaged foods have sugar in them.
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    Makes me so angry and so sad. 
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    Watch the trailer of this compelling documentary on sugar, the fast food industry and a compelling reason to keep going with our Whole30. 
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    Oh Casey!!! **hugs** I'm on Day 30 of my second successful whole30. I tried several times over the last year to do it but never got more than a week in. This time was different for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons was my mom making all sorts of comments about my weight. :(((( I know how it feels! But now, let's focus on the positive! You know how good this will make you feel. Congratulations on starting again!