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  1. Preping and cooking veggies

    That was exactly it! Thank you so much!
  2. Preping and cooking veggies

    I did my first Whole30 last December and I actually enjoyed how I felt, but I have not been able to get the momentum to start another one. Last year I did a whole lot of research and I found an article where someone said that you could cook raw veggies for a couple min and then store them to cook later in the week. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It might be in WellFed. I want to start bringing more fresh veggies to work but I hate to cook them fully and then microwave them again to heat up. Forgive me if this makes no sense, I am trying to stick my toe in the water and have forgotten a bunch of infomation! I hope to be rejoining you all soon! Jessica
  3. Help! Do I need more fiber or less? Tmi warning also. :/

    Beets - is the digestive enzyme different than the Now super enzyme I'm currently taking?
  4. Help! Do I need more fiber or less? Tmi warning also. :/

    I forgot to add that I just started taking Natural Calm as a daily supplement. Should I just continue to gradually increase that daily and hope that helps?
  5. I did my Whole30 in December and since then have been pretty close to compliant with my food. I recently started taking 4,000 mg fish oil, liopic acid, super enzymes and vit D, all recommended brands. The past couple of weeks I have not been going to the bathroom enough. Last week I went 5 days without going and after taking laxatives called my doctor. The nurse said to drink magnesium citrate and call back if that didn't work. It worked!!! But now I am on day 3 or 4 of not going and don't want to drink magnesium citrate weekly. Should I be taking another daily supplement like fiber or something else to keep me regular? Thank you!
  6. Natural flavors

    Can someone help me with this? Are these always a no-no? There is a Seagrams seltzer water with natural flavors. And a roobious (sp?) apple tea I love but it has natural flavors. I am gearing up for my second Whole30. Thanks party people! Happy hump day!
  7. Question! Help please!

    I would say keep going but do not take them anymore. I am a newbie so I would wait to hear from a moderator! Don't stress your making progress!
  8. Can I get a few peeps fav dressing recipes? Gearing up for second Whole30 and about to go grocery shopping. Happy Friday! Are there any of you close to Montgomery, Al? I wish we could have a Whole30 get together. Everyone is so freggin nice and helpful.
  9. Food processor

    I am looking for the best kitchen equipment that can be multi functional. Does anyone recommended the Ninja or any other products? If so, can you be specific about the model? I am starting from scratch and have a hand blender but need more "tools". Also, any coffee makers you love? Now that I am starting to enjoy black coffee, would a press or any other special coffee maker be better? Thanks for the help. I am gearing up to do a second "badass" whole30 and want to be prepared!
  10. Bacon?

    I have found Winn Dixie brand low sodium bacon that does not have sugar in the ingredients list. I "think" this is ok...
  11. Newbie trying to place an order and have a few questions

    Thanks guys! Y'all are awesome as always!
  12. Newbie trying to place an order and have a few questions

    One more please. Is there a multi vitamin I should be taking? Thanks again!
  13. Happy Friday peeps! I am on day 19 and still navigating through this with y'all's help! I looked at the supplement info and I am a little confused.... The Nordic Naturals fish oil either is 1000 mg or 1280 mg. the article suggested a daily amount of .25?!? So I guess first question is what translates as a dose? Also they have a fish oil of 1000 mg With d3. Would that be a good solution to take both my fish oil and getting my D3? On the zinc, they are currently taking 15 mg and suggest Now Foods brand. When I looked that up 1 capsule is 50 mg. how does that work? So I guess my questions are 1. Should I combine fish oil with D3 or just take the separate supplements? 2. How many mg would equal the .25? 3. How do I take 15 mg of zinc? Another random question. I thought I would to able to access posts that I "liked" for later, almost like book marking them so I can reference for later....but I can't find my liked posts. Am I missing them? If not, is there another way to keep posts to reference for the future? Thank you Tom and everyone who is so darn helpful! Have a great day! Jessica
  14. Alternative for bullion cubes

    When I slow cook a pork lion or a romp roast (beef) I usually use about 4 or 5 bullion cubes that I dissolve with water and cook the meat in. What can I put in the water to give the meat flavor? Is there a relatively simple alternative to these cubes? Something funny that happened today. My sister has seen me obsessing about what I can have and what I can't have. She said, "why don't you just call the 1-800 number?" I told her if there was a 1-800 number I would have already been on it!!! Thank you all for being my 1-800 number! Happy Friday!
  15. So delicious coconut milk

    Thanks Susan! I am reading the book now and I have the daily emails coming! I am on day 12 and I have not ventured far from approved, meat, veggies and fruit. So I am not good at reading labels and knowing exactly what is allowed! The book has so much information which is great but I am a little slower to take it in. Thanks for the SWYPO explanation. Makes perfect sense! Btw, we are in "can I have ------?" section of the website. Thank you again! Everyone!