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  1. donnaAC

    May 29th Start Date

    Yes, you are right and I did! Bring on day 2!
  2. donnaAC

    May 29th Start Date

  3. donnaAC

    May 29th Start Date

    I'm a retail manager so I am working today. I worked hard to get my lunch and snacks all prepped. Then I got to work and my staff threw us (management) a surprise potluck to thank us for all we do. Yikes!
  4. donnaAC

    May 29th Start Date

    My style is definitely getting things as prepped as I can which I spent a lot of time doing today. I buy a large pack of chicken tenders each week and cook them on Sunday then store them in a good air tight container in my fridge. I can them cut them up quickly to throw in a salad or just grab one for a quick snack. Skirt steak works well for this too. I've not tried the food prep services but I've heard good things and I know there are some that offer paleo meals so you'd just have to make sure they are Whole30 compliant. I love condiments so I made sure to make plenty of dressings and dips today too. I love the recipe for Ranch dressing in the Whole30 book as well as the Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. I have to keep it simple during the week when I'm working. If I have to come home and fix a big meal, I will quit by day 3. Another go to when I get in a jam is picking up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. You just have to make sure they don't use any marinades or rubs that wouldn't be compliant. Then I just pop a bag of frozen vegetables in the microwave and steam. Cauliflower rice is now available in these kinds of frozen bags! It wasn't the first time I did this. That's going to save me a lot of time! My husband is a lover of ice cream and soda. I can't really complain because aside from that, he will eat whatever I prepare and not complain. He is actually very supportive for the most part. But I know by week 3 he'll be asking if I want to go to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. But I just let him know this benefits him as much as it does me. We can do this together!
  5. donnaAC

    May 29th Start Date

    I too am starting on 5/29! This is my second Whole30 but I by no means consider myself an expert. I am doing this to get healthy and to lose weight. This won't be easy but I can tell you that by the end of my first Whole30, my food prep habits had started to become habitual and I had stopped thinking about take out as an option when busy and didn't think I had time to cook. You can do this!
  6. donnaAC

    Very First Time! Starting June 1st 17!

    You can do it Trev! The cooking instructions in the Whole30 book is invaluable and will help you the rest of your life whether you are cooking Whole30 compliant foods or not. Wishing you the best!