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  1. FeedingFive

    Starting Sept 25th and a little scared!

    I should clarify that while I did follow Pioneer Woman's salsa recipe, I did omit the sugar and used compliant canned tomatoes.
  2. FeedingFive

    Starting Sept 25th and a little scared!

    Day one is in the books and really went well. I cooked and cleaned and was a worn-out mess by bedtime, then I couldn't get to sleep. I have been taking magnesium, but it was just a rough night. That led to a dragging feeling this morning and I got a late start and brought my breakfast to work, but didn't have a chance to eat much because of a LONG meeting. I kept up my water intake, but by lunchtime, I was famished! I made Well Fed's Thai Yummy Salad and put pulled roast pork on it for my lunch. It was delicious! Dinner will be easy...carnitas made from the rest of the roast pork and freshly fried plantains! Yum! I have Pioneer Woman's Salsa and guacamole, plus some other vegetable to round it out. I do, or did, feed 5...well, 6 if you include hubs. But 2 are away at college right now, so I have 2 teens, an adult son and hubs to feed. I mostly make a Whole30 entree and they all eat that plus vegetables, then fill in with pasta or such to fill those growing bellies! I make a large batch of something for the school-age kids each Sunday and portion it out, so lunches are easy for them. Husband is now eating my W30 breakfasts, too. It's a good day.
  3. FeedingFive

    Starting Sept 25th and a little scared!

    I will start today along with you. It is actually a restart, but we will call it a fresh start. I tried Whole30 for the first time back on the 6th of this month. It was going really well, but I didn't plan well this past week and got pretty far off kilter. I figure I will cut my losses and try again! Today I am prepping for the week. I have a chicken roasting for chicken salad with bacon and green onions. I grilled some eggplant for baba ghanoush and have a huge pork shoulder slow roasting in our basement oven. There is still more to do, but as I sit here, taking in the delicious aromas of this food, I think I can do this! It is really great food! I do understand about the nuts, though. I took some to work my first week, along with a Larabar, and quickly realized I needed to NOT have those at my desk. Good luck!
  4. FeedingFive

    I'm starting on 9/6! Anyone else too?

    Hi, I am Amanda. I have 5 children, ages 23, 21, 18, 15 and 12. Two are away at college. I started today as well! It is always nice to find kindred spirits. I am a w30 newbie. I have had some health issues of late that are proving a little hard to cure and giving up sugar seemed to be a possible help. That led me to this plan. I am looking forward to the month to come and the possibilities that could be!