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  1. Bellad

    December 27th Start Date

    Just a note to say I've made it through 15 days so far!
  2. Bellad

    Starting January 1, 2018

    I started a bit earlier, so I've finished 7 days. This is my second Whole 30, and it feels like my whole life is revolving around cooking. I had the fantasy of joining one of those services where they ship you meals you just heat up, but, besides not having a spare $1000 floating around, I realized that wouldn't do anything for my figuring out strategies to eat better. Since I teach, I'm on winter break, though will be back at work by the 3rd week of the month. For those of you doing this at a time where you're working, my hat goes off to you. Monday I went to a New Years open house during the day. I didn't bring food for myself, but made sure I had a full meal before I went. It was comic, almost, this huge display of food, and other than some fruit, carrot sticks, and olives, there was nothing I could eat. Though lots of noncompliant gluten free stuff. What was interesting is that I didn't really want the food—and cheese, which is always at these things, is usually my downfall. My body does not do well with cheese, but I love it. But Monday I didn't want it. I'm eating delicious food. And the food I'm eating does taste delicious, super delicious. My tastebuds are very sensitive, and I've been craving weird things like watercress and pomegranate. I took advantage today of Whole Foods' hot bar offering Nom Nom Paleo for the month of January, a few things anyway, and it was a treat to eat something somebody else cooked. Even though this Whole Foods I went to doesn't have the best hot bar of the ones around. I've also been going to gentle yoga classes, which is something I've be unable to get myself to do for like a year. It feels, wonderfully, spa-like, like a gift. I've felt so sick and bloated the past couple of months, that even with the tiredness and slight headaches I've felt this week, I feel way better than I did before, not feeding my body things that don't agree with it. Trying to focus on how much better I feel and how good the food I am eating tastes.
  3. Bellad

    December 27th Start Date

    I went downtown today to the Container Store to buy a couple of 1-ounce Nalgene containers to put olive oil and vinegar in to carry in my purse. I never got around to doing that during my first Whole30, even though I knew it would be so helpful for emergency eating out. Pretty easy to order a salad with protein, no dressing, then splash your own oil and vinegar on it, plus a bit of salt. They had a small leakproof zipper bag, which I also bought, for extra protection. Also got another spice rack, as my pantry/spices are in dire need of organizing. Cooking is so much easier when you don't have to hunt for stuff. Was hungry downtown so had the Whole30-approved Chipotle meal of carnitas salad with guacamole. Wouldn't do it all the time, but okay in a pinch. Felt like I could use some more carbs, so when I got home I ate half a baked sweet potato with ghee. Divine. I don't have a headache, but am very tired. Still, I'm so glad to being doing this because last time—and I'm sure it will happen again this time—I ended up feeling so much better. Lighter and clear headed.
  4. Bellad

    December 27th Start Date

    Day Two. It's interesting to watch my sugar cravings. They're not even physical—I just want it! Made a salad last night with some sliced persimmon and pomegranate arils I got for $$ at Trader Joe's, with a small handful of dry roasted Trader Joe's mixed nuts (I went shopping there on Tuesday), with a simple white wine vinegar and olive oil dressing, and that helped with the sugar cravings. Since I've got the luxury of being on break, I'm finding myself sleeping so much! Woke up today ravenously hungry, something I haven't felt in the morning in ages. I take that as a good sign. Made scrambled eggs and veggies, some steamed green beans. I find the only way I don't end up throwing out green beans is if I prep them while watching TV at night, and then they're good to go when I want to cook them. I swear I already feel less bloated, which is a blessing. Hope the sleepiness passes soon. I do have work I need to get done.
  5. Bellad

    December 27th Start Date

    Sounds divine. And so easy!
  6. Bellad

    December 27th Start Date

    I'm beginning December 27 as well. I'm a teacher and on winter break, so my time is more flexible than usual, at least the first 3 weeks of January. This is my second time doing the Whole30. The last couple of months I was slipping more, and it's clear that I don't do well with grains or sugar, etc. Looking forward to giving my body a break and having time to cook my heart out.
  7. Bellad

    Starting January 1, 2018

    I'm starting a couple of days early due to an all day out of town performance I'm giving on January 27, at which I plan to stick to the program as much as possible, but may have to be flexible. But I wanted to do 30 solid days. This will be my second Whole 30. Found it to be a great experience last January. In general it led to many eating changes that stuck—except the last couple of months I've really slipped. Went to Paris for the first time earlier this month, where I ate amazing gluten-free baked goods and cheese and red wine and chocolates until they were coming out of my ears, and the sickishness that followed was a good lesson. So, anyway, I'm back and planning. Going to make a batch of Against All Grain ketchup, which I made last time, and froze in little containers. <> Also making some mayo and buying supplies. Eager to begin and share and see how all of you are doing.