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    Just a note to say I've made it through 15 days so far!
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    Day Two: I did an amazing job preparing my dinner for the week. Chicken breasts with smoke paprika, basil, Italian seasoning and some were seasoned with Garlic Salt and Cumin. Fresh Broccoli and a baked potatoes with sea salt and olive oil and smoked praprika again. DELICIOUSNESS!!! Throughout the 2nd day, only one side of my face was aching for some reason and my tongue. During the staff meeting, for some reason everyone had a sweet tooth except me. You would have thought it was Halloween all over again. Anyhow, I succeeded and did not give in. 
    Day 3:
    Today, I felt like a Wonder Woman was starting to wake up again. When I got up I hit the snooze button and got out of the bed. I felt no need to return and didn’t. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast with a banana, spinach salad, with carrots, raisins and cashews, olive oil and vinegar for the dressing. I’m feeling on top of the world!!! No slips! I’m taking every decision and moment one day at a time.
    For right now, I’m going to enjoy this 3 day Victory!!!
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    Sounds divine.  And so easy!