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  1. When you add at the end of all birthday and party invitations "Please let us know if you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or other dietary restrictions so we can make sure we have food for you" because you know how much it sucks to go to a party and have nothing to eat.

    I've totally done that! :)

  2. I agree with the others... salt your food and make sure you drink enough water (and I'm sure you know that coffee dehydrates you... a little bit can help but too much makes it worse!)

    I have this same problem and have even passed out a few times, but as long as I'm hydrated and salt my food I'm fine.

  3. This is an awesome thread!

    -- they know what carageen, soy lecithin, kohlrabi, and chard are

    -- they don't complain about feeling bloated or lethargic

    -- they are really disappointed when spaghetti squash is out of season and thrilled when strawberries come into season

    -- they find themself standing in front of the refrigerator saying "man I wish I had a cauliflower!"

    -- an egg is warming on their counter because they are going to make mayo

  4. A Trader Joe's coming to the next town over from us--hooray! Our family of five needs a place to go after late volleyball games, climbing comps, school plays... sometimes we can cover it with the Crockpot and sometimes it just makes for an awfully late night for the kids. I'm still grieving over the loss of Chipotle :( I really thought they were a good option.

    Sorry for the whining... Subway is a possibility (lol, I can't believe I'm saying that either!) or now I'm wondering about the salad bar at the regular grocery store.

  5. I've posted a few times about how bummed I am about Chipotle... it was just such a quick staple for emergency times! I thought perhaps a thread about where to go and what to eat when fast food is necessary would be helpful...

    Currently the only thing I'm confident in (and it's a shaky confidence) is going to Tokyo Joes and getting a bowl with lettuce instead of noodles or rice, veggies, and meat. Then I get one of the curry sauces--the ingredients seem okay.

    Where do you eat out if you have to?

  6. Jenelson,

    I didn't have sinus issues to the extent that you describe, but the Whole30 has helped my sinuses tremendously! I used to get sinus infections 4-6x per year, each lasting about ten days. I can also simply breath better and deeper; I think I had a lot of inflammation in my lungs that has improved.

    Do you currently eat dairy and grains? If you do, I suspect cutting them out will help your sinuses hugely!