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  1. aberman3

    Approved sausage?

    Thank you so much for the recipe suggestions! It's only day 4 and I'm really enjoying being back in the kitchen and making real food again! Can't wait to try these out! --Amy
  2. aberman3

    Approved sausage?

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm trying to recreate an awesome spaghetti squash with marinara recipe my sister makes but she uses italian sausage. Maybe I can just use ground meat with the sauce. I do have a Whole Foods relatively close and will make a trip there soon. This time of year the farmer's markets have closed for the season but there are several local creameries that sell meat and dairy products from area farms year round. I'll check them out, I've been wanting to for years anyway but have been lazy and poor!
  3. aberman3

    Approved sausage?

    I'm sorry if this has already been answered but I've searched a few times and am only getting posts that mention sausage. Anyway, I'm on Day 3 of my first Whole 30 and it's going great so far! But, I'd like to eat sausage and I've been to a few supermarkets with no luck, every single one as sugar or something in it. But in my search to answer this question, tons of sausage recipes show up. What brands are approved and what stores carry those brands??? I'm in a somewhat rural area of Maryland without a lot of options as far as grocery stores go. I do have access to farmers though, so is everyone just buying straight from the source for this?? Also, I've seen a lot of ingredient lists that say "less than 2% of each..." and then list a bunch of ingredients (sugars, mostly) is it best to not eat those during the 30 days? Thanks!