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    penotti reacted to Melissa Urban in Help! Digestion problems...   
    I'll admit that during my first Whole30, I had the same experience (things moving way too fast) for about the first 6-8 weeks of my transition. I did the Whole30 for 30 full days, then stuck mostly to it, and things still took a long time to even out. The healing process and transition of gut bacterial balance can take a long time, and I don't think it was anything I was eating or not eating - I think it was just my system getting used to not eating so much oatmeal, yogurt, and whole grains. Not a very scientific explanation, but without lab testing/stool testing to see what the gut environment looks like, it's hard to say what's going on.
    Removing some potentially problematic foods for a few days (like nuts and seeds) or swapping out some veggies/fruit you are eating a lot of for different varieties may give you a clue, but it's really hard in these instances to pinpoint exactly what's what.
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    penotti got a reaction from Robin Strathdee in Help! Digestion problems...   
    Like Robin said, you could also just experience the change in your digestive system. I noticed that because of my veggie intake (increase) also made a noticeable change in my (ahem) bowel system.
    Since you are on day 7-8, there is a lot happening in your body right now. For me, that time felt like my body was just getting rid of crap, quite literally. Keep drinking water and tea.
    Maybe skip the nuts for a day or 2, see if that helps a bit too.