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  1. lauragauthier

    Ghee in New Zealand

    Hey ShannonM816, Thanks for your reply. There isn't an ingredient I'm concerned about - I just happen to see that BePure was the only Ghee that was Whole30 approved so it got my wondering about where Gopala was getting their milk/cream from and if it was from grass-fed butter, but it seems to be pretty legit! Thanks again Laura
  2. lauragauthier

    Starting 1st Whole30 Tomorrow (9/3)

    Hey DanyDoesWhole30 I feel ya! I've tried a few times and the furthest I've done is 13 days. Started today (in New Zealand) and so far so good! Wishing you luck Laura
  3. lauragauthier

    Hello from New Zealand!

    Hey Whole30 Forum Starting my first Whole30 today (Monday 3rd of September). Is there anyone else doing one in New Zealand (Auckland area)? Or have you done one in the past and have some tips and tricks for where to get food in a pinch/take out in the area? Cheers! Laura
  4. lauragauthier

    Ghee in New Zealand

    Hey Whole30 Forum! Is there anyone in New Zealand doing a Whole30? I found a company that makes Ghee and I was wondering if it's Whole30 approved? The company is called Gopala. Thank you!