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    Art (Painting With Mixed Media), Yoga, Bicycling, Kayaking, Hiking, Meditation and I am a big foodie and nutrition experimenter. :)
  1. I sure will (enjoy my apple). As one who's main issue is wine cravings... anyone who has been "in the rooms" as Mellisa Hartwig knows; a bit of sugar (in this case Whole30 compliant natural whole Apple with fats, not Larabars or dried fruit) can and does help with early sobriety cravings. Veggies are great and I follow the meal template and am a seasoned nutritional chef (for self and family) for all types of "ways of eating" WOE. I am very careful and have thouroughly read all the books and understand the science. My BIG NSV, at this time, is not drinking. I am finishing up Day 10. Onward.
  2. Ok.. Thanks and I hear you @Karen_Suep. My other favorite is tons of veggies... Cukes, celery, bell peppers, lettuce, radishes with about a 4 tbsp serving of Sunshine Sauce and some leftover steak or chicken.. Whatever... Or sardines. That is probably actually more like lunch. But I love it. For the last year especially, on LCHF Keto, I ate 0 fruit. And this time of year it is quite the blessing to be able to guilt free munch a good crisp apple a couple times a week.
  3. Hi @ladyshanny, Thank you for your response. Good advice for sure, and to clarify when I need a snack (not every day), an apple and a small handful (10) Macadamia or Almonds or Pecans... Tides me over and is 3 of the macronutrients... Fat, protein and fruit. The fruit does not trigger cravings and the small amount of nuts is not food without brakes for me. I am eating a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if my lunch ends up a bit smaller and I am super busy... The apple and nuts are a great and compliant snack. I am doing intermediate Vinyasa classes 5 days a week. I do appreciate the reasons for not snacking... Still feels a bit weird to eat breakfast... But I can feel my body totally loving to be fed well. The previous version of paleo was along the Bulletproof way... Fasting till 1 or 2 in the afternoon which always made me cranky... And I did not lose any weight or feel like exercising. The Whole30 is great!
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    Thanks a million... Makes me look LOUD with repeat posts! LOL
  5. Wow that sounds great, Elaine! I wonder if we can get good Jicama in New Jersey... LOL Thanks! I usually like a good snack around 3 or 4... Dinner isn't usually until 7. The jicama sounds like a perfect addition. Have a great day.
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    I have multiple posts in the LOG section. Happened yesterday with the error in the forum software. I PM'd a moderator but have not heard beck. I am adding to the first LOG posting the rest are redundant. Thanks for the help. Disa
  7. Some more YUM! Thanks! Love the taco salad and broccoli tip. I love broccoli and eat it a lot. Never thought to put salsa on it! The caulirice sounds good. Actually all the tips sound great... I will do them all. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the great ideas... Yes, need to think outside the scoop box! I tried it on some scrambled eggs with compliant chicken sausage. Yummy! BTW... The "Sunshine Sauce" is AMAZING! I made it with almond butter.. I am in love! I want to put on everything. Also made the mayo.... Who knew it was so easy... And WAY more delicious! Wow. I am liking Whole30... Ready to face Day 4' and date night.... eating out.
  9. Hi, I have some yummy fresh salsa. What would be a good food to scoop my salsa?? Cucumbers don't sound great or carrots... any ideas?? Thanks!!