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    Art (Painting With Mixed Media), Yoga, Bicycling, Kayaking, Hiking, Meditation and I am a big foodie and nutrition experimenter. :)
  1. I sure will (enjoy my apple). As one who's main issue is wine cravings... anyone who has been "in the rooms" as Mellisa Hartwig knows; a bit of sugar (in this case Whole30 compliant natural whole Apple with fats, not Larabars or dried fruit) can and does help with early sobriety cravings. Veggies are great and I follow the meal template and am a seasoned nutritional chef (for self and family) for all types of "ways of eating" WOE. I am very careful and have thouroughly read all the books and understand the science. My BIG NSV, at this time, is not drinking. I am finishing up Day 10. Onward.
  2. Ok.. Thanks and I hear you @Karen_Suep. My other favorite is tons of veggies... Cukes, celery, bell peppers, lettuce, radishes with about a 4 tbsp serving of Sunshine Sauce and some leftover steak or chicken.. Whatever... Or sardines. That is probably actually more like lunch. But I love it. For the last year especially, on LCHF Keto, I ate 0 fruit. And this time of year it is quite the blessing to be able to guilt free munch a good crisp apple a couple times a week.
  3. Hi @ladyshanny, Thank you for your response. Good advice for sure, and to clarify when I need a snack (not every day), an apple and a small handful (10) Macadamia or Almonds or Pecans... Tides me over and is 3 of the macronutrients... Fat, protein and fruit. The fruit does not trigger cravings and the small amount of nuts is not food without brakes for me. I am eating a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if my lunch ends up a bit smaller and I am super busy... The apple and nuts are a great and compliant snack. I am doing intermediate Vinyasa classes 5 days a week. I do appreciate the reasons for not snacking... Still feels a bit weird to eat breakfast... But I can feel my body totally loving to be fed well. The previous version of paleo was along the Bulletproof way... Fasting till 1 or 2 in the afternoon which always made me cranky... And I did not lose any weight or feel like exercising. The Whole30 is great!
  4. Wow that sounds great, Elaine! I wonder if we can get good Jicama in New Jersey... LOL Thanks! I usually like a good snack around 3 or 4... Dinner isn't usually until 7. The jicama sounds like a perfect addition. Have a great day.
  5. Some more YUM! Thanks! Love the taco salad and broccoli tip. I love broccoli and eat it a lot. Never thought to put salsa on it! The caulirice sounds good. Actually all the tips sound great... I will do them all. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the great ideas... Yes, need to think outside the scoop box! I tried it on some scrambled eggs with compliant chicken sausage. Yummy! BTW... The "Sunshine Sauce" is AMAZING! I made it with almond butter.. I am in love! I want to put on everything. Also made the mayo.... Who knew it was so easy... And WAY more delicious! Wow. I am liking Whole30... Ready to face Day 4' and date night.... eating out.
  7. Hi, I have some yummy fresh salsa. What would be a good food to scoop my salsa?? Cucumbers don't sound great or carrots... any ideas?? Thanks!!
  8. Hello new friends and support team. I am today (Sept. 29, 2016) on day 3 of my first Whole30. I've been mostly Paleo for about 2 years or so, (before that vegan) ...but tend to eat whatever and drink way too much wine on the weekends. So I am frustrated (mostly with myself) and stalled and regaining some of the 30 lbs lost. The no alcohol part and the other aspects of this way of eating hopefully will engage a correction and a new trajectory of health in my life. I approach the Whole30 with little expectation as EVRY diet so far has come up short. Probably due to drinking wine on the weekends. Which led to eating more carbs, etc.... During the week I have been stellar... Weekends seeming to undo my weeks work. To name the last few... from most recent backward. The Warrior Diet, Bulletproof Diet, Ketogenic Diet HFLC, Intermittent fasting, Primal, And every combo of macronutrients possible on My fitness Pal whilst experimenting with the if it fits within my macros Diet!! All of these diets have great structures... although eating ketogenic with fasting most of the morning was most unpleasant. So, I am still trying to crack the food and nutrition code which will help me feel good, heal my arthritis (I am 57 years young) and lose about 20% more body fat and about 20 more lbs weight. I'm a nomadic artist traveling about in my 19' Hybrid Expandable RV. Retired and spending my days painting, doing yoga, biking, kayaking (weather pending). My guy and I are semi-full time travelers. Yoga has been huge for my healing. So we shall see. I am fully committed to at least the 30 days... fully compliant. I like that I can eat breakfast. Date night with my spouse will be my first hurdle this friday... no wine!! As I have been in and out of sobriety for the last ten years with periods as long as almost 2 years sober.. I am hoping this will be the turning point. It would be REALLY nice if I saw some changes. I think this would help with my motivation. I am cautiously excited.