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  1. The karma way

    Graves' disease

    Yes when we have this disease no matter if we take the holistic approach or pharma or a bit of both we are closely monitored by the Dr also :).
  2. The karma way

    Graves' disease

    That's amazing Karenza is that after 30 days or has she been on it a while?
  3. The karma way

    Graves' disease

    Hi Art Fossil, thanks for your comment. I am currently seeing an endocrinologist, homeopath and kinesiologist plus taking a small amount of AT drug. I was merely wanting to know if anyone had good results with the whole30 re levels etc. Thanks Maria.
  4. The karma way

    Graves' disease

    Hi all just wondering if anyone has put Graves' disease into remission with whole30 if so how long did it take? ❤️ pic is of veggie curry i