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  1. Hello Whole30 Team! Today is Day 1 of my reintro and I'm starting with legumes. I was planning on having beans with my Whole30 complaint meal from Chipotle but it seems they cook their beans in rice bran oil. Does anyone know if I should be still cautious of rice bran oil during my reintro? Technically, it's lumped in with the "no grains" and I would think that would pose a problem with reintroducing groups separately. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi all! Today is the last day of my reintroduction period and I dived in with gluten. I don't have celiac and I didn't notice issues with gluten during my last Whole 30. However, today I had some whole wheat toast with breakfast and not even an hoir later...BAM! BRAIN FOG has settled in. Is this a common reaction I can contribute to gluten sensitivity?