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  1. Hi all! Today is the last day of my reintroduction period and I dived in with gluten. I don't have celiac and I didn't notice issues with gluten during my last Whole 30. However, today I had some whole wheat toast with breakfast and not even an hoir later...BAM! BRAIN FOG has settled in. Is this a common reaction I can contribute to gluten sensitivity?
  2. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    Had to stop my reintroduction for now. Went to a family bbq and was able to avoid bbq sauce on my ribs and butter in my potatoes but my tummy is not happy right now and my lower back is aching again. Boy, I didn't miss any of this.
  3. MadGab

    Expected time frame?

    @ShannonM816, that's a great suggestion. I'm also going to up my water intake. I realized that I drank less water Tuesday and Wednesday due to unexpected busy workdays. I'll be doing another legume reintroduction at the end of next week.
  4. Yesterday was my first reintroduction day. I introduced legumes and felt fine all day. Today I felt fine but noticed that I didn't have a bowel movement (tmi). I wouldn't describe myself as being bloated but I do feel that I need to "go". Is it within normal range to have an "adverse" reaction the day after reintroduction? Here's what I ate yesterday: M1: two eggs, cauliflower mash, and an apple with 2 tbsp peanut butter. M2: brisket, roasted veggies and hummus with raw carrots. M3: chicken breast/thigh with curry, zoodles and peas.
  5. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    Happy Day 30 for those of us who started on Oct 3rd! I'm looking forward to whatever may come with my reintro. How is everyone else doing?
  6. @jmcbn, thank you! One other thing that I didn't mention because it didn't come into mind is that I'm closely approaching my menstrual cycle. So many variables to consider!
  7. Hello all! Today is the start of Day 21 for me. So close! Here's my concern: Friday morning I woke up sniffly and feeling a little lethargic. I chalked it up as possibly being the start of cold/flu season. I've have been 100% Whole 30 complaint. Saturday morning I went to a "farm to table" restaurant for breakfast and was advised that they use canola oil but no added sugar in the menu items I was considering. Since I know this isn't strictly prohibited (in moderation), I ordered a side salad, sans dressing, two poached eggs, two chicken apple patties and fruit. Lunch that day was leftover chicken primavera from the book. Dinner was a special occasion and, again, I went out to another farm to table restaurant and had 1/2 roasted organic chicken, large salad with olive oil and broccolini. I've been feeling nauseous and very much bloated/constipated, and still sneezing/sniffly. At this point, should I restart my Whole 30? I'm not sure where I went wrong. Maybe I went overboard by going out twice in one day and it was too much exposure to canola oil? Any suggestions/advice welcome!
  8. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    Halfway through with planning out my meals for next week! *whew*
  9. MadGab

    Whole 30 Halloween Potluck Ideas?

    @ShannonM816, these are all great ideas! Thank you.
  10. Hello all! I'm hoping to come across some creative ideas. My coworkers have decided to put together a Halloween themed potluck. I'd like to participate of course and was wondering what I could bring that's complaint but also creatively "spooky". I've seen some ideas on Pinterest such as deviled eggs with black olives shaped into spiders lol but that seems tedious.
  11. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    I'm still working out the kinks in my meal prepping. I have to consider making enough for both myself and the boyfriend. I always have hard boiled eggs in the fridge and bags of mixed greens for quick salads. This weekend I prepared 1.75 lbs of brisket but that was only enough for 3 leftovers. I also have roasted red pepper sauce to add to fried eggs or chicken. I made a large batch of roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts. Tomorrow I'll be grilling some chicken sausage and chicken breasts to toss into salads.
  12. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    @kellydawne, thanks! I'm just happy the second breakfast I had along with some strawberries kept me full until I got home from work.
  13. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    So today I grabbed the wrong container and ended up with breakfast for lunch. I'm a little disappointed but I'm also proud of myself for asking the food truck vendor what oil he uses to smoke his tri tip before caving in on buying a splurge meal. Ended up having my second breakfast for the day and asked a coworker to bring me back some guacamole for some added fat.
  14. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    @losinggravity, that's a good house mate for telling you to join the forum. It's amazing that how only after 7 days even the simplest of food items like peanut butter can smell so much stronger and richer when you're not the one eating it lol. Push forward! @Diane M, welcome!
  15. MadGab

    October 3rd start

    Hello everyone! I started my 1st Whole 30 on 10/3 and I'm feeling pretty good. Days 1-3 I was feeling pretty sluggish and was ready for bed by 8pm. Other than a few minor headaches, I'm really happy I made this decision. Will be going to the grocery store shortly and get my meal prep out of the way. Looking forward to pork chops with apple sauce on a bed of greens!