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    MadGab reacted to becs in October 3rd start   
    Day 30 for me, too! So many NSVs, and feeling really confident about reintroductions. The holiday season scares me a bit, but I will have many opportunities to practice mindfulness when deciding what to eat. I know food freedom will be a constant work in progress, but I'm looking forward to it! 
    Also looking forward to wine this weekend  
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    MadGab reacted to 4windsrider in October 3rd start   
    @MadGab It's still Nov. 2nd here...I'm waiting to go thru Nov. 3rd and will start re-intros on Nov. 4th.  I'm really only interested in adding back legumes and from past experience those are A-OK with my body !  Tofu will be BACK. YAY !!!  
    Oh yeh, and Xena Warrior Princess and I will be toasting our success with a glass of really good red wine (-;
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    MadGab reacted to becs in October 3rd start   
    Hope your headaches go away soon!
    I think just posing the question here about reintroductions helped me work through my own thoughts. I know reintroduction is a crucial part of the program, and the only time you can do it correctly is after a reset. Looking at my calendar, the time between my San Fran trip and Thanksgiving is the longest stretch I'll have without major holidays/events going on until January 15th. I don't want to wait that long to do another reset! I also want to have the knowledge from my reintroduction to make informed decisions about what food is "worth it" during all the events coming up. That being said, I think I'll just reintroduce after this Whole30, and think about doing another one starting January 16th.
    Reintros will hopefully look like this:
    Days 32 to 33 - Reintroduce alcohol, keeping everything else Whole30 compliant ( yes, I know it should only be one day, but I don't care! My best friend + San Fran is worth it)
    Days 34 to 36 - back to Whole30
    Day 37 - Reintroduce non-gluten grains
    Days 38 to 40 - back to Whole30
    Day 41 - reintroduce cheese
    Days 42 to 44 - back to Whole30
    Day 45 - reintroduce gluten-containing grains
    Days 46 to 50 - back to Whole30
    Day 51 - Turkey Day!
    I'm not interested in legumes, or any dairy other than cheese, and this schedule gives me some wiggle room in case I need to take a few extra days in between reintros. I may take a day later on to see if I can handle hummus and soy sauce (the only form of legumes that I might like to add back in). After that, I will most likely stick to the Whole30 in between the holiday parties and trips. We'll see how it goes!
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    MadGab reacted to SugarcubeOD in Stomach problems   
    @violetta The moderator's role is to help people who come to the forums specifically asking for help as well as guiding people to get the best results out of their experience.
    jmcbn's question was legitimate in that if you have discovered that the way to ease your symptoms is with dairy and assuming that doesn't cause you other problems (skin, sleep etc), then it would probably be a reasonable next step to create the WholeVioletta and make a plan that works for you.
    Please don't forget that the moderators are all  volunteers who are donating our time, effort, skill and care to help people get the most out of this program and change their lives... 
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    MadGab reacted to 4windsrider in October 3rd start   
    Well, made my little trip this past weekend. TSA, for whatever reason saw fit to give me pre-screening clearance for both flights (round-trip).  SO, didn't even have to take off my coat or shoes and the Chia Squeeze packets made it through with no problem !   I put my coconut milk into 3 little bottles and used them for morning coffee. Biggest challenge was that my flight was delayed on the way home and I had to kill time for 3 hours in an airport restaurant in Seattle with EVERYONE drinking great beer--except me !  Alaska Airlines is awesome, gave each of the affected passengers $24 worth of meal vouchers for the wait.  I had a Cobb salad with w/ oil/vinegar on the side and Perrier with a slice of lime. My coconut chips and raw almonds helped a lot for in-flight snacks.  I don't think I've ever flown without wine or cocktails before, so NSV I guess!   
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    MadGab reacted to becs in October 3rd start   
    I love my Well Fed 2, and I haven't even cooked from it yet. It's just such a beautifully put-together cookbook! Will definitely be perusing it at length this week to get inspiration for my weekend cook-up.
    I'm a bit behind most as I'm on Day 14, but man-oh-man are the NSVs piling up! Energy is on the rise, clothes are looser, skin is getting better, mood is awesome, no cravings, and my run this morning was better than ever. The whole popping-out-of-bed-bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed thing still needs some work, but is seems to be getting easier.
    Let's have an awesome second half of our Whole30!
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    MadGab reacted to becs in October 3rd start   
    Welcome to the group, Bonnie! I like the idea of lists for meal planning/staples/etc. I want to start one, just have to figure out the best way to organize it.
    I am a little late to the party with meal planning! Gotta get it done today.
    I decided to buy Well Fed 2 (already have the first book), and it's coming today. I love Amazon prime one-day delivery...
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    MadGab reacted to BonnieStP in October 3rd start   
    I've enjoyed reading all of your posts, and have even copied some of your shared prep ahead tips - thank you!
    I've been on this forum thread with my start date of 10/3, but haven't posted very much, just because I've been so busy, and before I know it, the day is done.
    Just checked in today, and wanted to say hello - it's now day 12 for us!  We're going to 28 days, this is our second Whole30 compliant stretch with a little gap in between.  We have a weekend at the 29th day where we know we won't be able to be in charge of our foods, and that's why it's not a complete Whole30 run.
    My husband and I are doing very well.  It has happened a couple times that one or the other of us will tease with a "chocolate cake sure would be nice right now" comment, but we are both motivated and really not bothered overmuch by the restrictions, so it's ok.
    I'm going back to meal planning and prep as OH-SO-IMPORTANT.  That really is the area where I am closest to packing it in, when I'm looking at a mealtime feeling less than fully prepared to put something satisfying and satiating on our plates.  So again, I thank you for sharing what it is you are doing to make this easier.
    I've been using RealPlans app, and adding my own favorites to it, and that's been helpful in keeping most of the meals from repeating too often.
    I have begun recently to use my pressure cooker and slow cooker regularly for MAKE-AHEAD protein cooking, and parceling out to meals servings.  I'm beginning to feel like a hoarder though, but of prepped food.  I feel so satisfied when I see multiple options nicely packaged in the freezer, or waiting in containers in the fridge.  As I see my carefully packaged stores diminish, I am pleased that they were there and ready to use, and at the same time, unhappy that they are being used up!   
    I also have three lists going - 1) What's available for this week's meals - which includes fridge & pantry items and items from the freezer that are in the week's plan , 2) Inventory in freezer upstairs, 3) Inventory in freezer downstairs.
    When I use something up that is a staple ingredient or a prepped-ahead piece of a meal, I add it to the bottom of List #1 as something that needs to be replaced, so I'll know I need to buy/cook and assemble them up again.
    These lists organize it all for me; I found that without them, it was harder to put the components of the meals together with what was at hand.  I'd forget things tucked in the freezer, in the back of the fridge, or turnips/squashes on the cooler basement stairs.
    All this attention to food and food prep makes me feel like I'm too consumed by it, but I'm trying to find a way that will become a nice, easy way of doing things for life.
    I also purchased another of Melissa's books today - Food Freedom Forever.  Getting myself ready for AFTER the compliant eating days.
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    MadGab reacted to frogtox in October 3rd start   
    Happy Friday everyone.  We are one third of the way through. Here's to lots of good kitchen prep!
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    MadGab got a reaction from losinggravity in October 3rd start   
    @losinggravity, that's a good house mate for telling you to join the forum.  It's amazing that how only after 7 days even the simplest of food items like peanut butter can smell so much stronger and richer when you're not the one eating it lol.  Push forward!
    @Diane M, welcome!
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    MadGab got a reaction from BonnieStP in October 3rd start   
    Hello everyone!  I started my 1st Whole 30 on 10/3 and I'm feeling pretty good.  Days 1-3 I was feeling pretty sluggish and was ready for bed by 8pm.  Other than a few minor headaches, I'm really happy I made this decision.  Will be going to the grocery store shortly and get my meal prep out of the way.   Looking forward to pork chops with apple sauce on a bed of greens!
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    MadGab reacted to kellydawne in October 3rd start   
    Hmmm, I posted this morning, but must not have had enough coffee to realize I didn't hit submit.  LOL

    I really really wanted a glass of wine last night.  The cat was nice enough to crawl up in my lap and go to sleep so at that point I told myself I couldn't get up.  (Thanks kitty for the assist!)  I did have a bowl of strawberries from my local farmer's market before the kitty curled up in my lap, not sure that feeding the sugar demon helps with the wine demon but they did taste good and the wine is a much bigger temptation for me than fruit!  
    I had a brunch thing this morning with food provided by others.  I knew there would be gluten free options because one of the ladies bringing food has a daughter with celiac so there are no gluten containing foods in her house so there is no danger of cross contamination.  She, of course, brought baked sweets, so...
    I planned ahead though and sipped on a nice cup of left over pumpkin soup while I was getting ready to go so I wasn't the least bit hungry.  I had a nice glass of water and mingled and because I never sat down I didn't feel weird about not eating.  One person asked and I just told her I had a late breakfast of left over soup and I was still full and that was that.  I actually never even walked to the table with the food that seemed to be the best way to avoid temptation but from other people's plates there were raw veggies and fruit so that would have at least been an option.  
    @becs staying compliant with the whole 30 is tough with travel.  I know there are people that manage but it would be challenging, hope it works out so you don't need to figure it out.  

    @frogtox I'm a solid middle of the pack runner.  I'm not winning any races and only run for me.  I've only been running a couple of years and this will be my first anything over a 10k.  I'm really excited about my upcoming race!  And, because its my first half as long as I finish its a PR!   Win!  
    @Angelina_B are you drinking enough water too?  I get a little light headed if I start to get dehydrated.  Just a thought.  
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    MadGab reacted to kellydawne in October 3rd start   
    Madgab- great job avoiding the temptation!
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    MadGab reacted to kellydawne in October 3rd start   
    I don't feel like I'm doing much extra food prep but we already had hb eggs in the fridge, I made mayo on a whim, & I have quite a bit of a compliant soup in the freezer.  I was also lazy & bought pre chopped veggies & my backyard garden is still generously providing salad veggies & other yummy things.  I'm also a sahm so I have the luxury of pulling stuff out & simmering away while doing other fun things like laundry.  
    I'm also sticking with really simple meals/snacks at the moment.
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    MadGab got a reaction from kellydawne in October 3rd start   
    So today I grabbed the wrong container and ended up with breakfast for lunch. I'm a little disappointed but I'm also proud of myself for asking the food truck vendor what oil he uses to smoke his tri tip before caving in on buying a splurge meal. Ended up having my second breakfast for the day and asked a coworker to bring me back some guacamole for some added fat. 
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    MadGab got a reaction from losinggravity in October 3rd start   
    @losinggravity, that's a good house mate for telling you to join the forum.  It's amazing that how only after 7 days even the simplest of food items like peanut butter can smell so much stronger and richer when you're not the one eating it lol.  Push forward!
    @Diane M, welcome!
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    MadGab got a reaction from losinggravity in October 3rd start   
    @losinggravity, that's a good house mate for telling you to join the forum.  It's amazing that how only after 7 days even the simplest of food items like peanut butter can smell so much stronger and richer when you're not the one eating it lol.  Push forward!
    @Diane M, welcome!
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    MadGab reacted to losinggravity in October 3rd start   
    Hi Everyone! Have a bunch of health problems and my cousin told me about Whole 30. I purchased the "It Starts with Food"  and a week later (October 3rd) started the Whole 30! Completed day 7 today and I am feeling pretty pumped. I have definitely been feeling the lethargic side affect but have only had a few minor headaches. I realized yesterday that I was using fruit to appease the sugar demon so I am trying to cut down my fruit consumption moving forward. About 30 mins ago though, I was staring a little to intensely at a freshly made cinnamon bun that my house mate just made,  so she told me to go join the forum to keep myself on track,  so here I am!  
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    MadGab reacted to kellydawne in October 3rd start   
    Becs- speaking from past experience, be mindful with your wine reintro.  My first w30 was followed by a girls night out & I was feeling the effects much more quickly than before my w30!
    Madgab- sounds like a great dinner plan!  You should have more energy tomorrow, but you may be a bit irritable even though you feel better.