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  1. Day 29!!! OMG!!! My husband and I have been fighting a pretty nasty snotty cold the last few days, so thank goodness for the Walmart frozen Whole30 bowls I had stashed in my freezer! I bought them at the beginning of the month thinking, "I probably won't need these but just in case..." I learned about them when listening to Melissa's podcast, and made it a point to try them out, as I usually bypass the frozen pre-made food section at the store because NOTHING IS COMPLIANT. I was happy to have them, and I think I will pick a few up every time I go to Walmart now. They aren't the most delic
  2. Day 22 for me! I'm feeling really good & chugging along Huge non scale victory for me is I started doing Yoga again for the first time in years! I'm just doing 20 minutes a day but I feel like I am getting back in touch with my body and appreciating what it can do instead of hating myself for being overweight. It is a real flip for me; as every other time I have done the Whole30 I feel like I was more focused on losing weight than really letting the program take over and getting on a path to better health and happiness. It's not a diet, but I sort of was using it like one and I
  3. Day 9 for me.... I am starting to feel great! Got out in the back yard yesterday and wrestled with some nasty weeds with my husband which I would normally not have the energy for (I work 9p-5a over the weekends), so my NSV is getting my yard work done! I see lots of people are frustrated trying to do "the perfect Whole30" and follow the meal template and all the rules and that can really drive a person crazy! I remember this from my first few rounds-- It is a lot with all the rules and it is SO DIFFERENT from the way anyone else we know eats. You have to step back and let good enough
  4. Day six for me is done! I'm just chugging along.... I did have a dream about eating my son's animal crackers last night so I guess my unconscious is having cravings! Headaches are gone with the help of lots and lots of water. I'm really enjoying the food this round, maybe because it is not my first time and I have an idea of what works for me. I usually just assemble breakfast and lunch (i.e hard boiled eggs,can of fish,veggies,homemade mayo,leftovers) and only really make a mess in my kitchen for dinner. I have my meals planned out and nothing is getting wasted so I feel good about
  5. I started my 3rd round of Whole30 today!! It has been too long since my last re-set and I have slow-rolled back into my horrible eating habits. It hasn't been a straight line for me with the W30 and my health, I can't seem to stay on the program long after the 30 days and I always slip back into my old habits. Trying to re-think this time as the first time again. It has been a struggle since I work overnights so my eating schedule is not ideal. I am trying to stay positive this time and really keep track of my NSV and gain control of my life & eating habits for good! Threw out most of