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    Rockinred reacted to sdlp in January 20 Start - So excited!   
    Hi All,
    I looked for another thread with anyone starting on Friday, January 20 and did not see one.  I am a 40 something mom who is excited about starting this adventure,  My whole family eats loads of produce but eliminating the other items will be a new challenge.  I have been reading everything I can to prepare myself as well as talking with other who have done the Whole 30.  One thing that stood out to me was that every person I spoke with had glowing reviews of the Whole 30.
    One of my main reasons to start is that I have been battling psoriasis for several years.  It's on the back of my scalp where no one can see it, but it seems to be spreading and hasn't responded to anything.  I am also hoping to see if this helps my hypothyroid battle.  I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have been on meds since.  They do help with some issues, but my weight doesn't seem to budge despite gym time and careful eating.  My endocrinologist suggested the benefit of a "reboot" like Whole 30.  
    Tomorrow is my sister's 40th birthday and she lives in Dubai and we will not see her again until 2018, so I wanted to wait until after her celebration night.  My last few days will also coincide with the 1st vacation our family has taken in a long time, but that's OK.  I can do this.
    Thanks for reading.  Going to peruse the forum to get some ideas for meal planning.  I bought several prep tools, too.  Cooking is one of my favorite activities to relax so I look forward to lots of prepping and kitchen time.
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    Hapoy Day 8 everyone! I was feeling great until yesterday, when I started feeling lethargic and a little bit cranky.  Nowhere near the issues in my first round, thank goodness (fingers crossed).  
    @kirkor @Rockinred I believe I'm using my black coffee as a crutch and may need to go decaf as well.  
    I'm so tired in the afternoons and I should be feeling better with all this great food and fewer ups and downs in terms of blood sugar...right?  Could it be my 2 cups, sometimes 3, of precious coffee?  I feel like if I have to ask it probably is  
    I'll try to focus on good results right now:
    1. Skin is looking great.  
    2. Way fewer specific cravings.  
    4. Easily resisted my husband's evening snack last night of crackers, cheese, peanuts and a Guiness.  Haha talk about no compliment eating.  This is why I haven't even mentioned Whole30 to him, I'm just flying solo and telling him I'm cleaning up my eating in general.  
    5. Joints are not achy at all, and it's really cold today which would usually make them more so.  
    Anyone else kinda cranky and trying to focus on the positive? 
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    Rockinred got a reaction from iteach in January 2nd start date   
    @StrivingToBeSteadfast I can so relate to what you just posted.  We can do this!
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    Rockinred got a reaction from iteach in January 2nd start date   
    @StrivingToBeSteadfast I can so relate to what you just posted.  We can do this!
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    Rockinred reacted to StrivingToBeSteadfast in January 2nd start date   
    Hello All! Happy day 11
    I'll tell you what, the book "Food Freedom Forever" is insanely good & so worth the purchase (if you're like me & your eating habits are directly linked to your stress/mood/etc). It's been a huge reminder of why I'm doing this.
    Ironically, tonight was an emotional rollercoaster. I had a hangout with some new friends, and after leaving, I over-thought & kept thinking I did so many things wrong ("self-centered", "not funny", etc...)... I came home and, without even realizing it, went into total stress-eating mode. Almond butter (straight from the package), and a lemon lara bar... As I was elbow deep in these "technically compliant treats", I realized that,
    a) My digestive system is going to be (once again) completely whacked tomorrow due to the nut content and
    b ) I was eating out of shame and guilt for the way I'd acted, using food as comfort (even compliant food) to the extreme.
    It's in moments like these where I hit a crossroads. When I completely want to give up because I am frustrated with myself, but then I am reminded that this is a prime example of how serious this problem is in my life. I haven't given up yet because I'm terrified of who I'll be if I do. I'm terrified that I'd never stop, and I'd always be enslaved to food and being bound my my emotional attachment.
    I know this is a complete rant, and it'a--okay if you dont read this, I just had to get it out.
    Thankful for this community. You all inspire me & reflect who I want to be. 11 days down, 19 to go. We got this
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    Rockinred got a reaction from vozelle in January 2nd start date   
    Anyone else going decaf?  Wondering when I'll start feeling better in the morning?
    You are all doing great and I'm very thankful to be part of this support group.
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    Rockinred got a reaction from vozelle in January 2nd start date   
    Excited to start on Jan 2 with all of you!
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    Rockinred reacted to Gam26 in January 2nd start date   
    Oh My!!  I'm so excited to find you guys!  I completed my first round of Whole 30 in August but went on vacation about a week later and we didn't reintroduce correctly.  In fact, we failed miserably.  We totally compliant though with the first 30 days and felt awesome after the initial shock to my body passed.  While this is not a diet, I get that, I did manage to lose 26 pounds, lost my cravings for sweets, bread, and cheese.  I'm just not doing very well at planning and feeling a bit lazy....
    Excited to have others to go on this journey with!!!
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    Rockinred reacted to lauritalia in January 2nd start date   
    I'm starting on Jan 2 as well.  First time, and I'm definitely a bit intimidated.  I've done lots of 'elimination diets' before, but this looks like a whole new level of challenging.  But, I'm ready and eager to feel better and take back control of my diet, so it's time to put the work in!   I look forward to getting to know you all better as we start this journey together.  
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    Rockinred reacted to The Natural in Going Whole30 in January!!   
    Perfect! Thank you, ShannonM816! I don't want to become obsessive sounding but I want to track what seems to work for me and my girls.
    Just a back story for a second here, but my youngest has Autism and 2 years ago as an experiment, I changed our SAD to all organic diet with vitamin supplements, homemade breads, and only 1 cup of probiotic yogurt a day. She went from barely verbal Echolalia, to a child making complete thoughts and sentences in less then a week! So I must document the foods she and I eat so that I can track what does and doesn't work well for her. The idea that this is far more nutrient dense, the possibility that it would help her create more sentences, and help her function better with Autism, excites me!  
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    Rockinred got a reaction from The Natural in Going Whole30 in January!!   
    I'll be doing one in January too.
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    Rockinred got a reaction from The Natural in Going Whole30 in January!!   
    I'll be doing one in January too.
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    Rockinred reacted to The Natural in Going Whole30 in January!!   
    Hello! I am going to go Whole30 in January, and after my first 30 days, I'd like to try to extend it and go further with it instead of stopping. I'm pretty excited and I'd love some "company" and encouragement
    ~ The Natural
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    Rockinred reacted to Wendy W in Looking for a support group!   
    I just finished my first Whole 30! I am a bit nervous about the re-introduction starting tomorrow...I guess I start with legumes. I really wanted to be done by Thanksgiving, but it is going to be close. I am not sure. 
    I have also learned a lot about food and myself, although I am not sure of the benefits I have seen. At first, I felt much more clear-headed and felt like I had more energy, but strangely as I have gotten past the first two weeks, I haven't felt much of anything different than before I started. Maybe my sugar dragon is more under control, but I can't speak to Tiger Blood. I was VERY good too. I never even licked my fingers - even when they were burning from melted cheese I was making my kids. I mean I was CLEAN! Still no tiger blood. Maybe after the New Year I will try again and see if I can find the hidden Tiger Blood.
    Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's encouragement over the last 30 days. It has been great. I will look for you all again when I start in the new year. Have a wonderful Holiday!
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    Rockinred reacted to EmilyJR in Looking for a support group!   
    Day 30!  To be honest, if Thanksgiving wasn't approaching I'd be tempted to extend.  This morning I had a hard time waking up, felt low energy and my face is breaking out a little.  I feel like I'm on the cusp of more nonscale victories but I want to have time to reintroduce before Thanksgiving.  I will probably do another Whole 30+ after the holidays.  
    I know we are on slightly different schedules, but what are people's plans for reintroduction?  I'm reintroducing non-gluten grains, dairy, and gluten before Thanksgiving because they will be the hardest to avoid during the holiday, and then legumes and alcohol after a few clean days.  There weren't quite enough days for me to reintroduce all food groups and follow with 2 clean days prior to the holiday.
    @Rockinred I wish you success on your future attempts.  Glad to hear you learned from the process and are willing to give it another go.  
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    Rockinred got a reaction from Teri201 in Looking for a support group!   
    Day 6, done!
    Trudging along.  It's not easy but I made it.  
    I'm starting to think about Halloween.  How am I going to make it through.  I've binged on candy every Halloween my entire life.  I found the bar below that I'm thinking of using as my Halloween treat. What do you guys think?  Whole30?  I'll ask in the correct topic forum but thought I'd throw it to you guys first.  

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    Rockinred reacted to EmilyJR in Looking for a support group!   
    Day 25.  Can't believe we are down to the last 5 days.  My clothes seem to be fitting a little looser.  Still not noticing a difference in my energy level, but I do think my sleep is improving.  I'm a little nervous about reaching the end.  I would be tempted to extend since I'm finally seeing some results; however, I want to get through the reintroductions before Thanksgiving.  
    @Kallista I totally understand where you are coming from.  I hope you've seen some improvement over the last few days.
    @Rockinred sorry to hear you are struggling.  Are you noticing any nonscale victories?
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    Rockinred reacted to Kallista in Looking for a support group!   
    Hi all,
    So I'm off. I've come to the conclusion that this isn't for me due to my existing hormone issues and the way that I'm seeing upping fat/animal protein impacting them. Not an easy decision to make, but going to listen to my body as its been more inflamed and stressed than I can ever remember. Since I've already been eating real food and grain, dairy, preservative, sugar free for a long time and been doing well on that, it doesn't seem worth it to stress my body this much when the results aren't going to look like someone who dropped these things for the first time. I think the tipping point for me was that I haven't seen any major NSVs, as my sleep etc was already pretty good and if anything its worse and I'm more inflamed. 
    This is just my story and I think my hormonal disorder affects this a lot. I fully believe Whole30 is great and am rooting you all on!! You're so close! Thanks to you all for the support and company on this journey, I'm really grateful and wish you all tons and tons of luck, success, and happiness  
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    Rockinred reacted to SabaiGuy in Looking for a support group!   
    So, I'm 22 days in and finding it really encouraging.  I feel stronger and really like the non-diet aspect of not counting calories and eating healthy without shame.  I was talking with a friend at work this morning who is on whole 30 at my encouragement with her mom.  They are loving the simplicity and her mom's type 2 diabetes is coming under control.  We're all planning on staying on the plan after 30, though perhaps minor modifications.  I've also been surprised at how much I really haven't missed alcohol.  Anyway, I just want to encourage those that are thinking of doing this plan, it works if you work it!
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    Rockinred reacted to EmilyJR in Looking for a support group!   
    @Rockinred I know where you're coming from.  I have to be super careful with almond butter.  I often have to keep myself from abandoning my meal to have something smoothered in almond butter.
    I think a good takeaway for all of us is even though our whole 30s haven't been 'perfect,' we've learned a lot about ourselves and the process.  For those of us who give this another go or keep it going past the 30 days, we know the areas we can approve upon to be even more successful the next time around.
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    Rockinred reacted to kboe in Looking for a support group!   
    Man oh man this past week and a half has been so difficult.  Last Sunday I helped fill in on an overnight shift.  That completely messed up my hunger cues and sleep.  I was feeling very good up until that point.  Then Halloween... candy all over the place.  There is still a large container of candy in our staff office which wouldn't be so bad but there was a major incident at work that I had to deal with.  I had to fight with every ounce of self control to not emotionally eat.  I was successful but my eating meals suffered.  When I am stressed out I am way more likely to skip meals.  This has happened in more days recently.  I know I need to continue to reestablish positive eating habits and retrain my body to know it will get 3 meals a day that are filling and nutritious.  I am thinking that I will continue and go for another chunk of time until I can continuously plan, prepare, and eat 3 meals a day.  I find it way to easy to snack for a meal and within the guidelines of the whole30 find it less likely to happen.  I know this goes against much of the advice but I am going to do my best to be compliant during Thanksgiving but still eat a full meal.  I was supposed to be introducing foods during this time but I want to be able to partake in my family's traditions.  I will then go right back to being whole30 compliant.  I don't know what that will mean for reintroductions before Christmas but I will have to examine my progress as I approach it.  I added days to my whole30 because of the mistake I made early on so I am further back than others in addition to starting a few days later.  Sorry for the LOOOONNGGG post but I guess I just needed to get my thoughts out.  I know I am having some NSV but right now they are being overshadowed by stress, lack of sleep, and lack of energy.
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    Rockinred reacted to Mountaingirl9 in Looking for a support group!   
    Hey all - Day 20 & feeling the Tiger Blood the last couple days on a lot of fronts - feeling way happier, more energetic, focused and productive. However, I do have to say I feel like i'm spending SOOOO much time shopping and cooking and thinking about food, planning, etc. that I don't see how I could keep this up-even a modified version-beyond 30 days or how it would be sustainable in real life. Don't want to go back to all my old habits, but don't really have the cash or time to continue after I finish the Whole 30. One other thing and a question for someone in the know: The one place I don't feel like i'm improving is my physical performance. And like I've said before i'm an endurance athlete so this is disappointing since i was hoping this would increase my performance. I feel great on short workouts - like crossfit/interval type stuff, but when I go moderate or long distances, I just don't have the stamina or get up and go that I used to. I am following the meal templates, having my pre and post workouts, and am bringing hard boiled eggs and even small bits of leftovers (so i have the entire meal template) with me on the long mountain climbs, runs, etc. I am also including a serving of starchy veggies at almost every meal  and am including bananas or apples in each day. Not sure what else i can do, but sure feels like my endurance and stamina are suffering. if anyone has experience with being an athlete on this program, i'd appreciate it. 
    @Kallista - I can imagine that would be frustrating. I'm sorry and don't have much advice since i'm just figuring this all out, too. the only thing i'd say is maybe you can focus on the other benefits and changes you've noticed? energy, focus, etc? Hang in there! Only 30% left! 
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    So Day 20 and still feeling pretty discouraged- look and feel like I've gained about 10 lbs. Recognize that it's that squishy water weight/bloat feeling, but hoping that the last 10 days allow me to drop it as it's frustrating to look and feel more uncomfortable in my body than when I began 20 days ago after all this work and effort :/ Also have experimented with cutting eggs the last two days to see if I'm having an reaction to them, but as I haven't had time to go shopping and have had a crazy two days at work, that meant only getting a chance to put two big spoonfuls of ghee and MCT oil in my tea before running out the door in the morning, which I know isn't optimal at all and packing lunches that were missing protein. I'm going to make some fish and grab some canned tuna for tomorrow at least!
    Hoping everyone else is doing well  
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    Day 19
    How's everyone doing?
    I'm super anxious about my weekend.  I just found out our hotel doesn't have a microwave or refrigerator.  I'm not quite sure how I'll stay compliant.  I'm going to do my best and I hope I make it through.       I'm doing research now, like how long can a hard boil egg go without being refrigerated?  I'm going to try and plan out 6 meals that don't require a refrigerator or microwave.
    I hope everones doing well!
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    Rockinred reacted to EmilyJR in Looking for a support group!   
    Day 18.  The temptations/cravings have subsided.  I can't say I've noticed much of a change in my energy level, but I also have a lot of work at the moment so my sleep is suffering a bit.  My goal is to stay focused on eating well and trying to get adequate sleep and not worry about the progress I don't feel yet.  It will come, I just have to be patient.
    @Rockinred Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well!  Hang in there!