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  1. It's been busy in here! I've had three very long work days, so no time for anything fun. Eventually things will ease up, surely. I have never been this busy at work... I decided not to do intros other than a bit of wine on the weekends, at least for now. So far the only non-W30 thing I've had was my 3/4 bottle of wine last weekend, and legumes on Day 31. I just don't feel the need to add anything back in right now. Maybe I'll end up doing the slow-roll approach. I don't know. I figure as long as I stick to W30, I can change my mind at any moment and jump into my next reintro day, which wo
  2. Well, I did my wine reintro last night. The plan was to have half a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, my husband didn't cooperate and only drank one glass. Guess who can't seem to leave wine left in the bottle? So, yeah, I drank more that I was planning to. I didn't love the feeling of being slightly tipsy, and I woke up feeling less than stellar. Strangely enough, it didn't seem to affect my sleep. Like you, @Rebecca001, that first glass was delicious and totally worth it, but it went downhill from there. I'm making three new recipes from Well Fed two this coming week, all of which look re
  3. @Catherine NI don't recall any issues with corn, either. I know it's easy to attribute everything to the Whole30 process - good and bad. If you're not sure if the corn contributed to your sleep troubles, and you want to add corn back into your regular life, I would try introducing it again after a few days of W30 to see what happens. I felt off for a couple of days after reintroducing legumes - mentally off, mostly - and I feel like it's a stretch to blame it all on the hummus. On the other hand, I don't feel the need for legumes in my life. I probably won't try introducing them again, but if
  4. I'm waffling about wine on Saturday, too! Today I'm 72% sure I'm going to do it.
  5. Good morning (afternoon), everyone! I got up early and started the day off with a sunrise run, and I'm ready to have a much better day than yesterday. I was planning on doing a sugar reintro today, but I've changed my mind. Maybe I'll add it to the end of my reintros, but for now I don't feel the need to bring sugar back, even for one day. I like my nutpod coffee and plain old tea - why mess that up by adding sugar? I made chicken/shrinp Laap (a Nom Nom Paleo recipe from the cookbook Ready or Not) for dinner last night, and it was so tasty and easy. I think I could happily live off of Nom
  6. I am definitely making clearly defined WholeRebecca rules after my reintro this go-around!!! Thanks for sharing yours, @SugarcubeOD Today has been a horrible work day (relative to my typical work day, of course). I'm drowning in projects and a never-ending list of tasks, and I don't know how to keep all these balls in the air! Somehow I always manage to pull it off, though. Thank goodness I have no wine in the house - it would be REALLY hard to resist right now. You know what I realized last night, though? I'm starting to really enjoy cooking after work (NSV!). I never hated cooking, but
  7. Happy February, everyone! One month closer to Spring. I feel abnormally full this morning (and really tired). I don't think I can blame it on the legume reintro yesterday, though. I had peanut butter and hummus (regular servings of both), and skipped the planned bean dip since I didn't actually want it. I did have a pretty filling/fatty dinner last night, so maybe that's the cause? Nom Nom "Weeknight Meatballs" over zoodles sautéed in olive oil with avocado and a bit of W30 Caesar dressing. As for the legumes, my conclusion so far is that they shouldn't pose much of a problem if I come a
  8. This is all about self-experimentation, so whatever path you choose on Day 31 is up to you! Sounds like you guys are making wise choices. I'm doing legumes today, and had peanut butter on an apple with breakfast and bell peppers/hummus with lunch. I felt more full than usual after each meal. Makes sense for breakfast, since I added that apple/PB combo to my usual breakfast, so it was more food than I'm used to. For lunch, though, I only had a few tablespoons of hummus, so I can't imagine the volume of food is the "culprit." Kind of interesting. No other side effects so far. I think I
  9. Day 31 is here!!! @Rebecca001Awesome job not getting on that scale if you're not ready! I did get on the scale this morning, which was in large part driven by the fact that I'm a data geek, and can't stand the thought of not logging my Day 31 changes. On January 1st, I was at the heaviest I've ever been in my life, and as I mentioned before my body is (pretty suddenly) stubborn about dropping weight. I was pleasantly surprised by the number! While I still have a ways to go, it's a great start. My focus in February will be to continue with W30 + reintros once a week (legumes today), a
  10. I think the book may suggest this, but I basically continue with Whole30 meals, and then add reintro foods to them. Here is my general plan for the reintros. These are the ingredients I plan on adding to my W30 meals on each reintro day: LEGUMES: apple w/peanut butter with breakfast, peppers dipped in hummus with lunch, maybe some other bean dip with dinner? I started to look up dinner recipes that included tofu or black beans for dinner, but then I remembered that I've never been a huge fan of beans. Don't reintro something that you don't even like! NON-GLUTEN GRAINS: quinoa and veg
  11. Well, here we are! I feel like the last two weeks especially just flew by. I love the NSVs, @Lorna from Canada and @Rebecca001. My biggest one this time around is also the major reduction in anxiety. I don't know if I have full-blown GAD (though I often feel like I do), but it can get pretty bad/debilitating. The change this month has been magical, even more so because work has been out of control, and I'm actually able to deal with it calmly. It's amazing not to lie awake for hours stressing out about who-knows-what. @Lorna from CanadaI'm so sorry to hear about your foot/running issues!
  12. @Rebecca001I remember well how hard January and February were when I lived in Philadelphia, with seemingly never-ending cold and snow. It always made me angry when the nicer weather only came out to play on weekdays. Hang in there! Keep focusing on the positives. Or just go to bed early - that's what I do when I have a particularly difficult day...
  13. Day 29!!! Woot Woot! We are KILLIN' it! I'm starting to get excited to step on the scale on Sunday (I know I'm not supposed to care what the number is, but old habits and all). A week ago I was dreading it. Last fall when I went on a healthy eating spree, I was shocked to realize that my newly perimenopausal body did NOT want to shed the weight I had gained. Usually once I change my eating habits, the weight falls off pretty quickly, but apparently that's no longer the case. Fast forward to the present, and I've been worried that my Day 31 weigh-in would end up with me crying into a bag o
  14. @BeKatasticAnother option is to do the reintroductions after your 30 days, then go back to Whole30ish eating (e.g. not being so strict with things like added sugar in condiments or bacon/sausage). Reintroductions will let you know what foods groups are generally okay for you, and you'll be able to make informed decisions if you want to expand your diet in the future. On the other hand, if you're not missing anything, keep on keeping on! I personally like the idea of doing January and September W30s, though I've never actually done two in a year. I may do that this year. There is also the
  15. @SugarcubeODTotally agree on the sushi! We're pretty good at making plain old spicy tuna rolls at home (usually when my brother-in-law from San Diego gifts us with fresh-caught tuna), but even then it's never as good as at an actual sushi place, and sticky rice is a pain in the you-know-what. We do treat ourselves to the uber-fancy/expensive steakhouse in town once a year because their filet mignon is almost as amazing as Morton's.