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  1. @Rebecca001Your meal plan looks awesome! So much variety. I think your "junk food" dinner plan sounds just fine. As Melissa is always pounding in our heads, you don't have to do the perfect Whole30! I like your idea of focusing on behaviors next week. I've been munching on walnuts at night (at the same time I would have been munching on chips pre-W30), so that's a dangerous game. I will stick to my three meals a day, and if evening cravings hit I'll get up and clean something until the feeling passes. I usually munch when I'm bored, so doing something productive ought to help. I hav
  2. This is a beautiful compliment! Especially in the middle of what sounds like a lot of stress. Ditto! I think about this all the time, as well. I'm also extremely grateful that I've been working from home for my company since 2007, so I didn't experience all the painful/frustrating adjustments that a lot of other people did. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. My big NSV of the moment: I'm not at all bummed about not having alcohol for the 4th weekend in a row! I feel like I'm on cruise control with the W30. I think I've made a final decision about the reintro ph
  3. @SugarcubeODNice job on the lost belt notch! Huge win! Sounds like everyone's racking up the NSVs. Keep it up! Only nine days left. That scares me just a little bit. I'm still undecided on whether to extend or reintroduce on 1/31. We are having a way-too-rare rainy day today, and I'm loving it. The Southwest USA has a ton of great advantages, but who knew you could have too much sun? I know I'm not getting any sympathy from anyone here, but rain always makes me happy and nostalgic for the Northeast, where I grew up. I'm kicking myself for not running in the rain this morning, though. My s
  4. HUGE NSV! It's one thing to resist cravings, but it's a whole other level of awesome not to have them in the first place, especially in times of stress. Love it! @Saiee The thing about zucchini noodles is that you barely even taste them once you add your sauce. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Same thing with spaghetti squash. You kinda get the texture of pasta without the belly bloat. I don't know what recipe you're looking at, and you probably already know this, but I would suggest tossing the raw zucchini noodles with salt and letting them sit in a colander for 30 minutes or so,
  5. Glad you all made it through the weekend! I had a wonderful time up in the mountains, and had no problem keeping on track. Good friends of ours have a cabin up there, as well, and we hung out with them the entire time. It was weird not having drinks with everyone, and I got REALLY sick of La Croix's, but it was much easier than I had feared. Just got back home and went on a quick grocery run for the week. Thank goodness I have a ton of food ready to go in the freezer, since I have no interest in meal prep today...
  6. Glad to hear everyone is still on track! This weekend will be a breeze (my mantra for the next three days!). Looking forward to being over the half-way hump tomorrow. @Rebecca001 Nice job on the freezing run! I agree that cold-weather running is pretty awesome (at least after the first half mile). It's been close to freezing on a couple of my runs over the past month, but not quite. My running has been suffering over the last week or so. Since I'm getting back into it after a long layoff, I'm doing heart rate training and keeping most of my runs at or below 70% of heart rate reserve. I wa
  7. Thanks for the tip! After several Whole30s, I definitely have no problem with fat in my diet. I am eating generous servings of homemade mayo, avocado, and healthy oils. Heck, I even sneak in some clarified butter/coconut oil into my coffee on occasion. Regarding Lara Bars and similar compliance treats, I just read an e-mail from Melissa this morning about whether or not you're "cheating" if you eat them every day. In a nutshell, her answer was no, it's not cheating if you're eating compliant foods. However, it's definitely not encouraged, and you should dig into why you feel the need to e
  8. So many things to check off already from that list! I agree with @SugarcubeODthat strict rules makes everything so easy since there are no decisions to be made. I think I need to make my own list of rules after reintroduction and put them on my wall so I can have post-W30 rules. Thanks for the recipe @Lorna from Canada! Now I need to hunt down some compliance hot sauce. Can't wait to give it a try. My emergency stash of Lara Bars was singing its sweet siren song to me all afternoon, but I resisted. I did eat a small handful of almonds. I think I need to add more starchy veggies
  9. I second the request for the buffalo cauliflower recipe from @Lorna from Canada. I need to up my veg game, as well! The Whole30 Day By Day book talks about turning challenges into opportunities. I'm nervous about my weekend in the mountains, mostly because I associate trips up to the cabin with drinking wine on the deck! The opportunity I see is to research and experiment with fun mocktails to replace my beloved wine. Perhaps a splash of juice in a glass of La Croix will make it feel special. Anyone have any favorite W30 mocktail recipes?
  10. This is awesome! It all starts with a little spark, right? I also love what you said about learning to listen to your body's signals. The thing is, it IS possible to know if you're eating too much without weighing or calorie counting, because your body WILL tell you. As you said, we just have to work on rewiring our brains so we can learn to listen. I'm up early and looking forward to a sunrise run in 20 minutes. I have a few weird aches that I think are from running, so I'm going to do an easy run instead of my scheduled intervals. What I'm really looking forward to is the hot tub soak a
  11. Sounds like we all survived the weekend! Rock on! This W30 is zipping along for me, as well. I didn't have any Wine Dragons breathing down my throat this weekend, which was awesome. I have a ton of food prepped and waiting for me in the fridge and freezer, so I'm feeling pretty prepared for the week. My husband and I are going up to the mountains this weekend, and I'm a little nervous about that, but I have enough pre-prepped food to bring with me, so it shouldn't be too difficult. NSVs: Hubby commented on my much-improved mood as of late, which is awesome! Somehow outside validatio
  12. The only time I can manage to eat "food with no breaks" in moderation is if I'm at some kind of event, like a party or a dinner at someone else's house. I don't want to be that girl in the corner by the food stuffing her face! At home alone, though, I don't have a break pedal, not for salty snacks like chips and crackers.
  13. I hear ya!!! I reverted very quickly early in 2020... I started reading FFF again this week, and forgot that she emphasizes the fact that you WILL revert, and it's all part of the plan/cycle. I have to remember that WHEN I revert again, it's not a failure. It's just a sign that I need to do another reset.
  14. Happy Saturday, everyone! I realized this week that being busy is helping to keep the cravings at bay. I had a slower day on Thursday, and suddenly started to think more about snacking. I don't have any plans on the books today, which could be dangerous. I need to make a plan to fill my day with non-food activities. Not sure what that will look like yet. Yesterday was not my best day food-wise. I didn't eat lunch until 4:30 pm due to being busy at work (is that even considered lunch anymore?), and realized I was missing a few key ingredients for my planned dinner. I ended up eating a comp
  15. Shame that you don't have spaghetti squash! I started using it to go with my meat sauce on my first Whole30, and realized I prefer it to regular noodles. Zucchini noodles are a close second, though.