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  1. kanmuri

    Holy Headache!

    I've recently discovered that eggs give me headaches. Could it be that?
  2. kanmuri

    Finished my first whole30 today October 17th

    Congratulations! Don't forget that you can't be on the Whole30 forever. The reintroduction part is also very important
  3. Have you heard of intermittent fasting? This is usually what my body works best with. Humans didn't eat three square meals a day in the past. On an evolutionary stand point, it would have been impossible to survive because hunting and gathering meant a constant fluctuation between abundance and scarcity. Also, once you become fat adapted your hunger cues diminish because unlike glucose, fat burns more slowly, allowing for more time between meals. Some of the great names in the Paleo world sometimes eat only one big meal a day (although research has proven that women don't thrive as much on extended periods of fasting and should have a daily 8h eating window rather than longer fasting periods.) I am perfectly healthy and my holistic can vouch for that. Don't forget that your body is an experiment of one; what works for me, doesn't work for everyone, and vice versa.
  4. I think you have to do what works for you. I sometimes only eat only two meals a day, even on the Whole30. Trusting your hunger is very important. You just want to make sure you're not snacking because it's snack time, but because you're hungry.
  5. kanmuri

    Started 10/10/2016, First Time

    Hi ladies! I also started on the 10th!! I'm also seeking a cure for the 17-year-old face issue. At 35, I thought I would be done with this...
  6. kanmuri

    October 17th Start

    Hey allisonra, welcome aboard! First, what you said about being disgusted about your choices stayed with me. You need to change the words you use for yourself. Would you tell a friend that had gone through the same thing that her choices disgusted you? Of course not! Be your own friend. You made mistakes and those are behind you; no need to rehash them. You can do this! As for black coffee, you can add some full-fat coconut milk to give it a bit of flavor. I also like to add cinnamon and nutmeg to make it a little bit more flavorful (especially if it's Starbucks.) Otherwise, I recommend you find a good "hispter" coffee shop in your area and ask for a pour over. They should have different blends and can recomment you the sweeter ones.
  7. kanmuri

    Nervous newbie

    Welcome! I would recommend giving yourself a bit of leeway in your seven day plan. You might not feel like eating something one night and if that keeps happening, you'll start resenting the plan and the program, feeling like it's preventing from enjoying food. So enjoy and don't be too hard on yourself.
  8. kanmuri

    I'm at a loss (or lack thereof) ...

    As I said, Alt/Shift is not a diet, just as the Whole 30 isn't and yet Melissa uses the word in the book; sometimes, no other word will do. It's just a way of cycling macros to optimize fat burning. There is a podcast that gives much more information. Mark Rogers from the Simply Human podcast also integrated the protocol in his every day life with a lot of success. It's very hard to go in ketosis with alt/shift unless you've been in ketosis in the past. The 5 day window doesn't allow for enough time to become a fat burner. Also, because fiber is subtracted from the total of carbs eaten, as a whole you end up eating more than 50g of carbs a day, which is the threshold for ketosis, even on low carb days. However, just like anything else, if you see it as a quick fix, it won't benefit you. I don't have any affiliation with Jason Seib, I was just trying to give another option.
  9. kanmuri

    I'm at a loss (or lack thereof) ...

    I did Jason Seib's Alt/Shift protocol for a while and that really helped me reshape my body composition. You might want to take a look. Don't let the word diet trick you. Jason is a big name in the Paleo sphere and he's against calorie counting and looking at the scale for success.
  10. kanmuri

    Starting 1st W30 Oct 10!

    Those are compliant. However if your start using those as replacement snacks for your sugar fix, it defeats the purpose. So they're fine, until they become your new crack. lol
  11. kanmuri

    Starting 10/10

    @Theresa33 That looks very tasty! Makes me hungry!
  12. kanmuri

    Whole 10 Refresher!

    Accoring to Melissa in Food Freedom Forever, a reset should be 30 days min. I'm with @dcmom on this one. Even if it's ten days to the party, doesn't mean you have to let go of everything for the party, otherwise that becomes a cheat day. You can do this!!
  13. kanmuri

    Starting Tomorrow Oct 9! First Whole30

    Hey KathrynME! TV is suuuuch an enabler. There is something comforting about mindless eating in front of the tube, no doubt. One thing that really helped us get away from this is cancelling cable. We only have netflix and so if we decide to eat in front of the TV (usually watching old school Star Trek,) it's a bit of a special event.