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    Use as much sauce as you think tastes good.  The 2 tbsp suggestion was a place to start for people who just cannot relax and not measure things. I'm sure you'll want more tomato sauce than that on your spaghetti squash. 
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    The tomato sauce freezes really well in small portion containers. It can be a lifesaver on a busy day, especially if you have some leftover protein on hand!
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    Sauces are meant to add flavor to meat or vegetables, so there is no serving size. What you have to do is to decide how much flavor you want on your meat or your veggies. I would start with two tablespoons and keep adding until it looks right or tastes right to you. 
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    @EmilyVT  I usually just try to make sure it's going to be enough, that way if anything, I have extra.  Plus, if you do end up with extra, you can try it on something else!
    As for worrying about overeating:  Most people undereat on Whole30.  If you post a list of what you've been eating, I'm sure a mod will be able to chime in with more advice on whether or not your on the right track.