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    Day 27, not what I was hoping for

    Thanks @ladyshanny, will move away from nuts (boo!) and keep working on getting the template right. Here's another question, when I did a sensitivity test with my naturopath many legumes back as causing my immune system to beans were one of them. I think I will have to steer clear of most legumes, could you provide me with a list of your favorite veggies? While I know the book provides a list, I find it very helpful hearing what other whole30'ers use as a 'go to'. thanks so much! Cheers; Leah
  2. anthrogetch

    Day 27, not what I was hoping for

    Thank you both for your feedback. I have the meal template on my fridge and it does say that cooking fat is considered a fat for your meal, am I miss reading SugarcubeOD "we don't count cooking fat and nuts are not a great source. " We've been using 'salad' probably too much as a 'veggie' as I think my partner was getting a bit tired of all the root veggies (which I love...and we just made a big batch last night) but we also haven't been doing many 'creamy' yes, perhaps we still need to work on getting the template right. This morning I had a small chicken breast, roasted root veggies with a teaspoon of ghee (thinking of the 'thumb' size rule on the template"...and I'm hungry already and feeling a bit sluggish (although we just ended daylight savings time here in Ontario, so that could be a factor!) I've also been using nuts as a crutch I think...maybe mostly psychological, will try to scrap that! Most of the time I would say however that I don't snack. My next challenge will be getting the pre/post WO food right, as I'm determined to get back to the gym this week (after being away for two months). I appreciate your comments and feedback and will let you know how it all pans out!
  3. Today is day 27, and I have to unfortunately say that I have been underwhelmed thus far with the Whole30--which is very disappointing. It's sunday morning, my son is at his grandparents, and all i want to do (and feel like doing) is having a nap. I've also just had a bout of 'loose stool'--which is the first time thus far I've experienced this. Perhaps I was hoping for a quick fix or tiger blood in the way many experience, but despite sticking to the program (as far as I can tell) for a full 27 days so far i'm not bounding out of bed and the skin on my face has not cleared up (was looking for more energy and to clear up my rosacea). That's not to say I haven't noticed any benefits, certainly I have: reduced (almost eliminated) sugar cravings (and when I have them I can relate them now to more of a psychological impetus), no afternoon slump at work, marginally clearer head/better focus at work, some clothes are feeling a bit different and surprisingly really enjoying black teas! I'm definitely keen on keeping up this new healthy food lifestyle, i don't really miss any one food in particular (except maybe popcorn in the evenings, but given what I've read now about corn, I'm likely to have that much less than before). But I was really hoping for a noticible energy boost and I was sure this would help clear up the redness in my cheeks. I'll try to remember the meals for the last few days, and maybe someone has some insight they could provide. Coming up onto re-introduction...I'm considering adding an extra 15 days, or doing the re-introduction then starting another full Whole 30. I'm just guessing my body may just need a little bit more time? Sunday Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, kale sautee with green peppers, onions, walnuts, lemon juice. (maybe should have added some avocado?, b/c I do have some hunger pangs still) Saturday Dinner: Grilled steak with kale sautee, spahgetti squash with ghee Saturday (late) Lunch: chicken breast with spaghetti squash, spinach salad with avocado and balsamic dressing Saturday snack: handful of raw mixed nuts Saturday Breakfast: (i think) leftover sweet potato and chicken soup, 3 slices of bacon and a bit of my son's left over egg. Some Kiwi and prickly pear Friday night dinner: Chicken thighs, vegetable medley (from frozen) with ghee on spinach salad with balsamic dressing Friday Lunch: Salmon, spaghetti squares and kale sautee with mushrooms, leeks and lemon (sauteed in bacon fat) Friday Breakfast: (i think) egg and pepperette frittata with veggies and 3 slices of bacon I'd appreciate some feedback, words of wisdom or encouragement. Thanks! Leah