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  1. Success stories for overweight children?

    @AMG101 I'm so sorry. My daughter managed not to dwell on it too much, but she definitely felt it (she's in a special school where everyone does performing arts or athletics, so the normal curve of body types is absent - EVERYONE is thin! - and she was the heaviest, too). I don't know if showing her the photos of my daughter will help. I will say that my daughter broke down a few times during the first W30, saying, "This is HARD". But when we went off it for a couple of months (we were still doing it about 90%, but with special occasion foods coming in) she begged ME to go back on. She said, "I just don't feel good when we eat this way. I want to stay on W30". So as of Jan 2nd that's where we are!
  2. Success stories for overweight children?

    That's wonderful @Riya! As of Sunday we are back on 100%, thanks to my daughter requesting it. It's wonderful how well they take to eating this way once they get used to it.
  3. Success stories for overweight children?

    @MizRik Thank you, and good luck! It might help your daughter to see what my daughter eats - I posted a lot of her school lunches on Instagram @jbaldina if you want to look at them!
  4. Success stories for overweight children?

    @MizRik - I want you to know that it can be done. And that it is WORTH IT. My daughter stuck with the Whole30 through the entire month and we're still doing it (she had a "planned cheat" of a birthday party and Halloween and then got right back on track. She lost 8 lbs in 30 days and she says she wants to eat this way forever. Before and afters are below. I need to write a success post for her, because I think it would be very helpful for others.
  5. Success stories for overweight children?

    Thanks @MeadowLily and @ShannonM816! Yes, that's exactly it. My mother put me on the Scarsdale Diet (anyone remember that one?) when I was 10 years old and it was awful. 600-800 calories a day, very low carb and almost no fat. Just what a pre-pubescent child needs, right? I'm not angry with her because she didn't know better. She was constantly dieting herself and lived on Dexatrim for many years. I ended up hospitalized at 16 with anorexia and bulimia. I've done everything I can to prevent that in my girls, to the point where my oldest may be suffering from our "no food is bad" policy in the opposite way. She has been doing SO well so far. She loves the food, her lunches are coming back empty, and other than a couple of dinners where she's balked at the veggies she's been great. Her mood and energy are so much better. Except last night she had a birthday sleepover. I told her "You're 11 years old, you get to have birthday party food, you don't have to be perfect." She chose smaller portions and enjoyed them. (The only thing I absolutely insisted on was no soda with the meals. The mom has done Whole30 too and she stocked LaCroix so she was able to do that). When I picked her up today, though, I noticed she was once again moody and fatigued. (Some of that is sleepover, but the moodiness is bad). It made me realize how much sugar affects her. My goal with her is about 95% compliance - I still think that will make a huge difference. Looking forward to her being the first success story!
  6. Success stories for overweight children?

    I appreciate everyone trying to help, but as I've explained we do all those things already. What I'm really looking for is actual experiences with children on Whole30. If no one has any that's fine, but nothing else will answer my question. Thanks!
  7. Success stories for overweight children?

    I see I need to give some background. I have a degree in psychology and specialized in eating disorders in school because of my own history. Because of that I have gone overboard to make my daughters feel good about themselves. I've never been on a diet in front of them. We talk about healthy foods but don't label anything good or bad. When she complains about her figure (not often) we talk about loving our body and taking care of it. My line has always been "Your body is growing and changing and you just need to be patient." When I decided my health issues had gotten too much and decided to do Whole30, she voluntarily asked if she could do it. And she wanted to do it "perfectly". She said, "Mom, I know I'm supposed to love my body. And I DO. . . I just would like it to be a little slimmer and healthier." This is not an easy plan to follow. I get through some days by finding inspiration from people like me who have done it and come out on the other side. I would like the same for her, that's all. If someone has some kind of stories about how their own children responded to this plan I would appreciate that.
  8. Success stories for overweight children?

    Thanks @ladyshanny. I should have added that I have not been presenting this as a weight loss plan to her, just that we are all eating healthier and trying to feel better. We've been focusing on NSV like increased energy (she dances 8 hours a week and needs all she can get!) and improved focus in school. She's really on board with all of that. She doesn't even want to lose weight for weight loss's sake - she thinks it will help her dancing and her ballet lines. Because no one seems to be talking about overweight children and the benefits of this plan to them, I was hoping someone had some success stories. The grown-up ones inspire me, but I know she'd appreciate hearing about other kids in the same boat. Because she goes to a school where every child is an athlete or performing artist, almost all of them are quite thin and she has no one to identify with.
  9. My 11-year-old daughter, who is about 20 lbs overweight (114 lbs on a 4'7" frame) has joined me on Whole30 because she is desperate for change. I've been very gentle with her because I don't want her to become too food-obsessed, but 5 days in she's doing a fantastic job. However, last night she looked at me and said, "Mommy, what if this doesn't work?" I'd love to be able to give her some examples of kids who've seen changes with Whole30 but I can't find ANY on this site except the 16-year-old girl in success stories (she really loved that one!) Does anyone have a story to share?