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    Mine would be a house in the mountains of North Georgia or the Smokies in Tennessee, a stone and wood cabin with a hot tub and huge rock fireplace inside with plenty of wood. There would be plenty of hiking trails from easy to moderate - some going further up the mountain, some heading down to a lake. I would have a personal chef as well as maid service. The chef would either cook there or would bring the meals to me daily and I would heat and eat as I needed. The food would be simple stews, salads, fruit in season, food perfect for chilly weather. I'd spend time in nature, enjoying the wildlife, and spend the evenings writing or reading in the great room next to the fire. No TV signal, but maybe a TV with a DVD player and a good selection of movies for a rainy day if I couldn't go outside. No internet either. I'd have my laptop but it would only be for writing, nothing to distract me, and my phone would be off 90 percent of the time - if I even got a signal. I'd get at least one massage and sit in the hot tub every night.