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  1. Thank you so much for this! I was unsure what to do, so pretty much the only thing I had yesterday was some wine with dinner. I noticed during the meal (a salad) that there was a small amount of cheese in it, but I don't really think that qualifies as introducing dairy officially. I will stay compliant for another day, and the start dairy. I'm hoping to be mostly done by Turkey Day!
  2. I am a bit confused. The reintro schedule here on the site, the reintro schedule in Food Freedom and the reintro schedule I got in my Day 33 are all different! I'm not sure what order I should be doing this in! Today is Day 31 and I had originally planned on just doing wine tonight then moving on in 2 days. But the email didn't even mention taking a day for wine, but the book does. I'm so confused!