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    Headaches at Day 25

    Thanks @SugarcubeOD I realize now that I am eating too light - old habits and all. I will take note and increase accordingly, esp. the fats, which I know where lacking. And increase my water as well. It never occurred to me that not eating enough would lead to a headache! Thanks so much for your help!! Nanette
  2. nanette09

    Headaches at Day 25

    Thanks for responding @SugarcubeOD This has been my schedule for the last three days (boy, am I glad I kept a food journal!) Everything I eat is compliant to W30. I drink one mug of coffee at home + one travel mug size (16 oz?) on commute to work (on an empty stomach - but I am always ready/hungry to eat by the time I get to work - which has been my habit for the last 18 years - eating at work that is). I switch to water after that. I'm not tracking the ounces, but usually 2 - 2 1/2 cups at work (16 oz cup) Maybe two 8 oz glasses more at home. Before I started the W30, the scale said 130lb. I am 5'6" tall. I know that I have lost weight (my jeans are loose, and I can see it in the mirror). So even at the 130lbs, I'm probably not drinking enough. : ( Tuesday: B - Breakfast bake made with cage-free eggs, and diced broccoli, spinach, tomato & onion, and Aidell's Chicken Apple sausage (a 1/8 piece cut from a 9 x 11 vinaigrette casserole) + a clementine L - Leftover pot roast with carrots, potato & onion (garlic, salt & pepper spices) - portion fits into a 4" x 5" glass storage container + pear sprinkled with cinnamon D - Pork chop (1) (grass fed, organic) cabbage, onion & carrots - filled most of plate + grapes (6-7) Rooibos tea Wednesday: B - Same breakfast bake as previous + a banana L - Zucchini fritter (salt, almond flour, egg, chives, salt & pepper) with ranch dressing (egg, olive oil, red wine vinegar, chives, parsley, dill, onion & garlic powder, cilantro, salt & pepper) + 3/4 Aidell's sausage + clementine After work (4:30 pm) - regular size coffee + Lara Bar (lemon) I usually don't have coffee/snack - this was a special meeting with my sis - instead of wine. D - Baked Salmon with spices + sweet potato (with salt & cinnamon) + steamed broccoli (with salt) Rooibos tea Thursday: B - Same breakfast bake as previous + clementine L - Leftover salmon dinner from night before D - Scallops in ginger and blueberry sauce (from W30 book) + baby kale salad with italian vinaigrette Rooibos tea I have to report that today's headache lasted all day, but gradually lessened after I ate lunch, and started on my third cup of water. It's now 3:30 PM, and the headache is gone. Thanks for your help! Nanette
  3. Hi, I'm on Day 25. I've been experiencing headaches lately and wonder what could be causing them at this late date? - I have been W30 food/drink compliant throughout - I get 7-8 hrs sleep - I drink plenty of water. Sometimes with lemon. Sometimes seltzer water with lemon. - Rooibos tea in the evening. - I DO drink 2 - 3 cups of coffee every morning - black. Can the caffeine be the cause? I never drink coffee at night, but one night I did and woke up with a headache at 4 am (I give myself points because I met my sister for COFFEE instead of our usual glass of wine!) And now I'm noticing them in the morning. Does anyone know of any other foods that can cause headaches - the ones that we are eating on the W30? Thanks!