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  1. Hi: Does anyone have a good source of recipes for someone who is following the autoimmune protocol but is also sensitive to coconut? I'm particularly looking for an egg, dairy and coconut free recipe for mayonnaise.
  2. Basic mayo

    If you goggle Paleo FailProof Mayo there is an awesome recipe but you need an immersion blender.
  3. Meal Planner App?

    I joined awhile ago and I haven't used it. I spent hours importing recipes because with my diet restrictions they gave me eggs or canned salmon for every meal. I realized that all the time I spent doing this was just locking me into using it on an ongoing basis. I was better off to make up my own meal plans and print off the recipes. I found recipes from the old Whole30 book in there. It's also very difficult for one person to use. If I make a batch of soup for 10 meals it doesn't seem to allocate the servings over time. And my last menu plan gave me a recipe with nuts although nuts are off my list. If pepper plate is free that sounds like a better way to go.