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  1. CristinaV

    Death of the Dragon - 30 days of carnage (July 25)

    I'm starting my first round on the 25th! I am excited and nervous. Any tips would be well received and greatly appreciated.
  2. CristinaV

    My very first day, who else?!

    Hello all! I am starting on July 24th. I attempted this in October 2016 but only lasted 3 days, this was at the same time that I began working night shift at my job for the first time ever so it was just not the right time! I am hoping to clear up some acne, gain more energy, and first and foremost, achieve a better sense of balance related to my diet. I do not eat eggs, (not on their own anyway, if they're an ingredient in a recipe I don't mind). I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast, I'm looking for some eggless breakfast ideas that fit the template.
  3. CristinaV

    Starting Monday, 10/24- looking for support group

    I think Aidel's has some compliant chicken sausages? I used Nature's Place from Hannaford (which is I believe only in New England). Ingredients: SKINLESS CHICKEN, WATER, RED AND GREEN PEPPERS, SEA SALT, PAPRIKA, FENNEL SEED, PEPPER AND ONION.
  4. CristinaV

    Starting Monday, 10/24- looking for support group

    So as I had mentioned above, I don't like eggs, is anyone else in a similar boat or just burned out on eggs? What do you eat for breakfast to get protein in? I know there are plenty of options to have meat for breakfast but I am interested to hear what others might be doing. I love chia pudding but know that is out.
  5. CristinaV

    Starting Monday, 10/24- looking for support group

    Happy day 1! My plan for the day- Breakfast: Chicken sausage, spinach, 1/2 avocado, banana, chai tea (protein in breakfast is tough for me because I don't eat eggs, I'm usually an oatmeal or chia pudding girl) Lunch: Mexican chicken soup with compliant bone broth, salad Dinner: Ground beef, pepper, onion, zuchini, sweet potato skillet
  6. CristinaV

    Starting Monday, 10/24- looking for support group

    This is great, I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing throughout the round! Very cool to have a mix of folks who have completed rounds before, and newbies like myself.
  7. CristinaV

    Start date October 23, 2016

    I am not actually sure how to start a "group" per say, would we accomplish this through the messaging feature, or through a post on the forum?
  8. CristinaV

    Start date October 23, 2016

    Sounds like you are taking some really big steps to make change, that is awesome. I am starting 10/24 I posted today that I am looking for a support group if you are interested.
  9. CristinaV

    Starting 10/23

    I am starting 10/24, I posted that I am looking for a support group of people starting around this time if you are interested.
  10. My name is Cristina, I am a nurse and I am looking forward to starting whole30. I love real food, but like many I also love the occasional cheeseburger and pizza! I need and look forward to balance. Some challenges I foresee would be related to my career (12 hour shifts with or without time to actually eat, rotating day/night shifts etc.), and how this might affect my whole30. I'd love to hear how others are doing on their whole30 journey!