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  1. Hi Tiglilygirl! So with my salads I have olive oil, or almonds. I made the ranch dressing from the whole30 recipe so sometimes I have that. Right now for the first time in a week - I feel really nauseous . For the last couple hours at work I'm feeling worse and worse.. ugh. Not sure why. Maybe too much coffee.. This weekend is a food shopping weekend so I will stock up on avocados, cashews etc.
  2. Day 12 for me! Feeling good. I did get on a scale - couldn't help it! The scale is not relative I know. Surprisingly only 1lb down in 12 days but again, not important. I'm staying focused on the nutrition and the plan. B: Egg Fritatta with ground beef, carmelized onion, tomatoes and bell pepper, sliced cucumbers and coffee with Nutpod creamer L: chicken breast with mixed greens & apple slices D: spaghetti squash, sliced beef (leftovers) and mixed greens.
  3. LeeLeeB

    Broccoli rice at TJs!

    I bought this broccoli rice at TJ's too. I added to a skillet with ghee, added salt, pepper, garlic seasoning - to make it like a pilaf. I was really excited to try it since I like the cauliflower rice so much. Well I can say if I were to buy it again, I'd have to cook much longer. It was hard, too crunchy - didn't taste all that great to me and I LOVE broccoli and most all vegetables. It's all made from the stalks so it's tough and should be thoroughly cooked...
  4. LeeLeeB

    Bones for Bone Broth

    I've roasted the beef bones for an hour then throw them in the crock pot, fill with filtered water, add carrots, onions, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and fresh thyme springs and/or rosemary, oregano any thing you wish, then slow cook on low for 12 hours or so.
  5. LeeLeeB

    So tired of eggs

    I've been preparing fritattas for the week and not sick of it yet. I'm adding ground beef, carmelized onions, spinach, or kale, tomatoes, bell peppers etc. Literally you can add any whole30 vegetables to these eggs. That with diced sweet potatoes - so good.
  6. Day 7 and feel good. I went through a couple days where I had no appetite at all. Day 4 was all about the sugar detox and the symptoms that follow. But I made it through to day 7 and feel so grateful that I kept to the plan and preparing my meals. I've cleaned out my pantry and got rid of all the crap! That felt good
  7. Morning all... Day 4 and really feeling yucky blah.... feel head-achy, tired, my head feels heavy. I know this will pass. At work and all I want to do is go to bed and sleep it off LOL. B: coffee with nutpods. leftover fritatta, perfect sausage, arugula with tomatoes & avocado and a bit of fresh mango. Couldn't finish. L: chicken breast on mixed greens with 1/2 avocado and whole30 ranch. D: Zucchini noodles, with tomato sauce & ground beef. If I have the energy going to grill chicken for tomorrow tonight.
  8. LeeLeeB

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I made the beef brisket with home made bone broth, arugla salad with the whole30 ranch dressing (amazing) and one small sweet potato diced and stir fry in coconut oil.
  9. Thank you for your input! Today is day 2 and feeling ok. Do you ever find that you lose your appetite? I ate breakfast - and had just protein for lunch - haven't been hungry today - so weird. I'm going to have dinner but I'm feeling tired so I know I didn't eat enough today...
  10. Day 2. Feeling Good surprisingly. I have surgery scheduled exactly 30 days from Day 1 (yesterday) and am hoping to feel as good as possible by my surgery date. My pre-ops tests (bloodwork, EKG & mamogram) which will be at Day 15. Will be really interesting how those tests come out after no sugar or processed food for 2 weeks. Eye on the prize...eye on the prize.... B: Breakfast fritatta, 1/2 avocado, arugula and the whole30 ranch dressing. Black coffee with 1TB nutpod and hot lemon water L: Protein Salad: 4oz chicken breast, chopped veggies (raw) from TJ, whole30 ranch dressing D: Beef Brisket, cauliflower rice, mixed greens and the rest of the ranch dressing... (love by the way) Happy Tuesday everyone.
  11. Hi there - try nutpods creamer. I use 1 TB in my morning coffee and it's good! whole30 compliant!
  12. Hi! I made the brisket too! I'm going to try it tomorrow! - have prepped a lot of food yesterday for the week. I looked at countless reference sites about what items to buy at like Trader Joe's, Costco and Whole Foods etc.. I'm reading It Starts With Food now... but hoping to loose a few lbs before I can start working out again. Good luck for this week!
  13. Question: I'm following the meal plan template in the book and wondering if that's pretty much OK to start? My meals today: 8:00am breakfast Egg fritatta: ground beef, spinach, tomatoes, onions & bell pepper. 1 small slice. Made the "perfect sausage". 1 small piece., 1/2 grapefruit 12:00pm lunch: protein salad with ranch dressing: 4 oz chicken breast and chopped vegetables -all prepared from whole30 recipes and an apple 4:00pm feeling tired so I ate a banana. Knowing now not to eat fruit as a snack 5:30: Dinner: spaghetti squash with meat sauce, 1 Adielle's Chicken sausage. No other veg than the squash but it was more than a cup. Not sure if this is on the right track. Will be more aware of portions and vegetables to fruit ratios...
  14. Hi all - I am starting my whole 30 program today as well. Thank you for this forum and welcome support and input. My first time doing this program. A bit nervous but very committed and hoping to get the sugar-detox-hangover out of my system soon...