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  1. I am trying to keep a log, just life has been out of control the last 4 days. I know that sprouts may be the problem. I eat them occasionally and have never had this level of discomfort. i am just needing to vent. I am trying so hard. I don't expect you all to do anything, just let me vent
  2. My hands have been full with just getting through the past few days and making sure things are compliant. I have not had time to log each meal. I am sticking to the template. Last night I had Brussels sprouts. I think what is so discouraging is the back and forth.
  3. Day 15 and I awoke bloated all over again. Have been 100 percent compliant - very discouraged. The only thing different is that my water intake was slightly off the past couple days - (situational, could not help it) - and likewise due to schedule constraints have been 4 days without a real workout. still, I am very disappointed. I thought I was past all the rollercoaster of symptoms vs NSV
  4. Zengirl

    Day 8 blues

    I eat at least one fruit a day and have the whole time. Usually with breakfast or lunch and usually berries, pears or banana. Tonight I had pomegranate all over my salad. and I have zero sugar cravings.
  5. Zengirl

    Day 8 blues

    I did - thanks. It was a complete rollercoaster until a couple days ago. It was frustrating because I didn't seem to match the timeline at all. I stuck with it, though. Hopefully I have turned a corner. How about you?
  6. Zengirl

    Stomach problems

    Nurse practitioner here. Maybe get tested for helicobacter pylori (h. Pylori) ? Or idk if it is program compliant but if it is, try drinking some aloe Vera juice daily? I have had patients who wanted to avoid traditional GI meds do pretty well with it. but yeah, with your described history I would ask for a gastroenterologist referral.
  7. Zengirl

    Day 8 blues

    After feeling great the past few days, today I am sleepy, irritable and headache-y. I really hope it passes soon because I do not feel well. This is my worst day yet and even more so because it was so unexpected. I am skipping working out, which I hate doing. I know this all just means that my body and metabolism are changing, but I really hope I feel better soon.
  8. Zengirl

    Kitchen gadgets

    What brands of immersion blender and spiralizer give the best bang for the buck? Can't afford to spend a ton, but don't want to end up with junk that doesn't work well or breaks
  9. Zengirl

    Best easy/on-the-go breakfasts?

    I love salmon cakes! Where can I get the compliant recipe?
  10. Zengirl

    Canned Tuna/Chicken?

    I found some at a Publix store that is "Genova" brand - packed in only EVOO and sea salt. Tried it drained and on a salad and tasted really good! Plus the cat loved the drained juice.
  11. Zengirl

    Starting 10/25

    Thanks for the love, y'all! After getting up and having a couple cups of (black) coffee I feel much better. I have decided to forge ahead, because I think the migraine was a sign that I really needed to do this! Plus I feel like on any given day I could find a reason to postpone. Lastly, I want to be finished in advance of Thanksgiving. have already made a wonderful egg scramble with veggies and some avocado (leftovers will be tomorrow's breakfast)- making a lemon and cucumber infused water bottle, and going to go to the gym. I won't push myself at the gym the way I usually do but don't want to blow it off either. If I need a catnap later I will take one. @Tabithabea, I am still with you though!!! And @ladyshanny, I will probably do some potato with lunch. thanks again!
  12. Zengirl

    Starting 10/25

    I have been awake since 3 with a migraine. Should I start the program on a day that I am not feeling well and already tired? Help!
  13. Zengirl

    Starting 10/25

    Because Monday is such a cliché day to start anything - I am starting on Tuesday! Haha. I am a 57 year old female health care provider. I am hoping for more energy and to blast a little belly fat away. (It doesn't respond to abdominal exercises like I used to). And yes, increased clarity of mind would be great too props to my 27 year old daughter who has done 2 rounds and who bought me the books she even says she is ready for all the stupid, frantic, and/or air headed texts she is going to be getting from mom. Now that I have found this forum, I have lots of other support as well! Thanks in advance for the love!