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  1. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Has anyone tried collard wraps? You just use the big, round collard green leaf in place of a tortilla. (You have to trim off the spiny part, but it only goes halfway up the leaf, so you can still get it to roll nicely.) Yesterday I wrapped up a few turkey breast strips with a spear of cucumber and a little mustard. (I was all out of homemade mayo, but that would have been awesome...) It was SO GOOD! These would be a great solution for the people who need some kind of good lunch on-the-go. I think I am going to try stuffing them cabbage roll-style. I'll let you know how that turns out.
  2. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Sorry to see you go, Dem, but do what works for you. I hope you'll keep checking in and let us know how you're doing.
  3. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    My first W30, I solved the "eating out" dilemma by just not doing it. And I planned to do the same this time, but last night my husband really wanted a night out. So, I said "Okay, let me check out some menus online and figure out how I can do this." I expected maybe I could find a compliant salad and take my own dressing???? At our favorite local tavern, with just a little help from our very congenial and helpful waitress, I ended up having chicken breast that was flattened, marinated in cilantro and lime, then dry-grilled. For my two sides, I opted for steamed broccoli and more steamed broccoli, which I topped with a squeeze of lemon juice. Passed on the excellent locally-brewed IPA and drank water. My meal was perfectly cooked and really delightful. I didn't feel deprived at all, and I would gladly order the same thing post-W30. Or better yet, make it myself at home. I think I'm going to make it.
  4. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Last night I made roasted pork tenderloin. This is a lean, delicious meat, and it frequently goes on sale for a good price. I sprinkled the roast with an herb blend and then smeared it with yellow mustard. Baked it in a glass Pyrex dish at 350F until the internal temperature reached 145F. Sliced it, served it with a veggie salad (with homemade Paleo Caesar dressing) and spaghetti squash mixed with ghee and fresh chopped basil. The meat was tender and juicy, and the mustard added a bit of tanginess, but nothing too sharp. (My husband doesn't like mustard, but he didn't bat an eye.)(
  5. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    I made a really great frittata for breakfast this morning with eggs, onion, zucchini and a bit of dill. Cooked in just a shimmer of coconut oil. Delicious! Frittata is one of those things you see in every cookbook, always sounded boring to me, never wanted to try, until I read a random blog entry one day by some lady who was talking about what to do with surplus produce; She made a tomato and spinach frittata, and it sounded really good. So, I tried it, and I have loved them ever since. Two other things I have tried recently that never sounded appealing to me, but turned out to be very tasty: Shepherd's pie. (You can make it with mashed cauli instead of potatoes if you want.) Stuffed peppers. No excuse for being bored, darlings.
  6. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Love that! My motivation these past two years has been to help my husband improve his health, and it has worked. He eats only what I cook for him, and I only cook good food for him. What have I been eating? The same good food I cook for him, PLUS a bunch of bad stuff when he's not around. Not surprisingly, he is looking and feeling better all the time, while I have slowly gained back the weight I was so happy to lose. (That [email protected]&% inner brat! ) I need to learn to nurture and care for myself as much as I nurture and care for my loved ones. (And give myself the same tough love I give them.) I really do.
  7. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Mimahirn, I have really been craving the veggies this time around! A few I have really been enjoying are cauliflower puree. (Steam a whole head of cauli and a few garlic cloves, mash it with a masher, then puree in a blender with a bit of ghee or even coconut milk. Creamy, delicious, decadent! My new comfort food! roasted golden beets (I peel mine, but others say they just clean them really well. Cut and roast at 400F until they are tender.) I like these better than red beets. They are not as "earthy." Don't discard the tops if they look fresh. Wash and trim them, and sautee in coconut oil like any other greens. They are sweetish and mild tasting. spaghetti squash. I never liked it as a sub for pasta, (cuz it ain't!) but I don't need that crutch any more and just like it for itself. It is really delicious with a smidge of ghee and some fresh chopped basil added in. kohlrabi. (Peel it and roast it. Goes great with those golden beets.) I hope this helps. Kudos to you for your resolve. And to your husband for such great support.
  8. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Well, I'm all caught up reading all your posts. I hope I can participate and be more supportive going forward. It's been 2 years since my first, successful W30. And a lot of great things have stuck with me in the time since. I really beat my "3 Big P's" addictions: pasta, pizza and pop -- I just don't need or want them in my life any more. I am accustomed to life without convenient boxes, bags and cans of ready-to-cook food. I can't imagine buying bottled salad dressing or commercial mayo. I'm on my second immersion blender! My husband and I have both seen major improvements in our medical profiles: I had my blood pressure Rx dosage cut in half. His Type II diabetes is under control. His doctor has reduced/eliminated several of his daily meds. (I really hate meds, and my BP Rx is the only one I take. He, on the other hand, got into a bad cycle of taking meds, then more meds to control their side effects, then more meds..... We are battling that, and winning.) I did not, however, slay the sugar dragon. And that means I have also succumbed to wheat -- with my addiction, they are a package deal. So if you ask what I hope to get out of this, my second W30, it is to defeat my addiction to sweets/wheats (swheats?) once and for all. I also don't mind saying that I hope to lose weight. I know that's not W30-correct, but I don't care. I'm too fat, and I'm dong something about it.
  9. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    Well, guys, I just have not been checking in. I promise I will read all previous unread posts! In the meantime, I want to report that I'm still in it... I had to do a reset on January 5 because I ate a stupid piece of cheese. But I jumped back on the wagon the next day. Feeling great, and finding it much easier than my first W30. Glad to be here.
  10. bonnynancy

    A year of feeling fabulous

    What a gift! You inspire me.
  11. bonnynancy

    Physical Transformation

    Way to go! I wasn't born to run, either, so I know just how excited you must be. That's really great!
  12. bonnynancy

    Spending a LOT of time on food prep

    Here is my favorite cheat: At Target, I buy their Archer Farm brand of "extra fine" frozen green beans. (I clear the shelf every time I go there.) They are the best-tasting green bean I have ever had. I serve them any time I don't feel like chopping veggies or just need something to round out the meal. They are really good. Every once in a while you just deserve a break.
  13. bonnynancy

    Whole30 Meals with Canned Pumpkin or Cranberries?

    I've gotta try that casserole, Munkers. (I just automatically sub chopped green beans for any recipe that calls for peas.) Another thought: substitute pulled pork for the chicken. I looooooove combining pork and pumpkin. They are perfect together.
  14. bonnynancy

    January 1st Start - Second Whole 30

    I just decided. I'm doing it.
  15. bonnynancy

    Chocolate Chili

    I add red and green peppers to mine. I can live without beans, but to me it's just not chili without the peppers. I would eat this every day!