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  1. ClaireAnna

    Plated fats

    Hi so I hear/read different things when it comes to fats. if I cook with a full tablespoon of oil do I still need to add a plated fat (tbspoon oil or 1/2 avocado) to my meal once played up? thanks
  2. ClaireAnna


    I have gastroparesis and wondering what your small meals look like? I'm not sure what a small meal should be! (Only newly diagnosed)
  3. ClaireAnna

    How much veg?

    Hi so I'm looking at making my meals in advance or at least my lunch and then have my veg prepped for dinner. i love zucchini so was planning on having one with each meal is that too much veg? I'll add some other veg too. also is it ok to start each meal with a salad? just not sure how much food/veg is too much when it comes to prepping as I don't want to waste food by not eating it!
  4. ClaireAnna

    Saturday 26th starting!

    Hi so I'm starting my 2nd round tmoro. Scared and excited! My eating has been out of control lately and cravings through the roof so time to get back control. anyone else starting tomorrow?
  5. ClaireAnna

    2 protein portions

    Hi is it ok to have two portions of protein at some meals? Like 2salmon fillets or two chicken fillets? thanks