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    My grocery bill was getting out of control so I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and started making connections with local farmers through the CSA and farmers market. My CSA has shares that range from single up to large family and they deliver to the local farmers market. Localharvest.org is a great way to find farmers and CSAs in your area or simply ask around at the farmers market. Be sure to ask a lot of questions because some farms are not certified organic because they want to be able to treat their animals if they become sick but they don't give antibiotics routinely, other farmers just don't want to deal with the hassle of becoming certified. By asking around you may be able to find grass fed meat that is almost as good as certified organic.
    I was able to find eggs for $1.50 a dozen simply by stopping by a local farm and talking to the family. I know the eggs are free range because I often have to stop because the chickens are in the road. I also saw on a blog that one person was able to find some local eggs on Craigslist.
    Now that the weather is better, I'm going to start to grow herbs in a planter box. I'm challenged when it comes to growing plants but I figure it's worth a shot!
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    I'm so glad I found this thread!
    @xacerb8 - I also take Citalopram and I was wondering how was it when you stop taking it cold turkey? I also accidently went off of it due to running out and being out of town. So I decided to stay off it, however on the 8th or 9th day of not taking it I had a massive break down. Super anxious and very depressed, I was in tears for a day. I had to start taking it again and several people warned me not to go off it again cold turkey. I would still like to try to go off it again after my Whole30, but I'm a bit nervous.
    @CaseyD - I have suffered from depression/anxiety for years, along with migraines and anemia. I was just diagnosed with Celiac 2 days ago! I never really knew anything about that disease, I had just finally gotten so tired of all my stomach issues I finally went to a gastrointerologist. He figured it was just irritable bowel but ran the celiac blood panel just in case and sure enough. So I will be going 100% gluten-free and I'm REALLY hoping it will help all of my symptoms and I'll finally be able to get off and stay off of my medication.
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    ALL OF THIS. Also Whoop Whoo to the GAD team in the house.
    Sugar out. Caffiene out. Routine in. Not a magical cure all but pretty damn amazing impact.