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  1. Ariane

    What did you have for supper last night?

    @MOboysgirlI ate it over cauliflower rice but I think throwing in a side of steamed green beans would pair well with it too!
  2. Ariane

    Having A Tough Time On Vacation!

    @slc_melissaThanks for those websites! They're extremely helpful and I'll be better eynext vacation! I managed to make it through the weekend without succumbing to temptations.
  3. Ariane

    Having A Tough Time On Vacation!

    @Karen_Suep No NGs in the neighborhood. Safeway was as good as it gets here. We managed unscathed. It was challenging and it taught me a lot of things--like pack your own food LOL.
  4. Ariane

    What did you have for supper last night?

    @MOboysgirl You will love it!
  5. I'm on my second day in Denver and I'm struggling a bit or actually quite a bit. O thought I had this all prepped in my head but executing it is a 100x harder. Yesterday, we landed and ate a big compliant lunch at noon cause I knew there's a chance we might not eat for a while. I was banking on dinner but my cousin wanted Pho (Vietnamese) so we went and there was absolutely zero things I could eat there. I was so desperate I picked the boiled shrimp and pork out of a fresh spring roll. I didn't know if even this was compliant but by this time it was already 7 and had been 7 hours since my last meal. Then we watch Med a basketball game. Again--the ultimate non-compliant of foods. So by the time the game ended it was 9:30 pm and 9 hours since airport meal. Went to Safeway, bought olive oil, meat, eggs, potatoes, and an avocado. Thank goodness we have a room with a stove and cooking utensils. Does anyone have any advice for snacks or something to hold me over until I have access to real food? I know this snacking isn't ideal but gosh yesterday I really needed it. Also, does anyone have recipes for a really easy to make meal when out of town? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  6. @ShannonM816Ok confession/question. I took the mangoes out of my car, only to take it back to the car around 5 pm which is actually around the time of my next meal but I had to take my daughter to her volleyball game. So of course I was legitimately hungry at that time and didn't think to pack my dinner before bringing her. But my question is , if you are able to control the amount of fruit you eat in between cause you're craving, is that still frowned upon? Cause I can actually make myself stop eating after a certain amount. Actually I don't even have to force myself. I just naturally don't want anymore.
  7. Ariane

    What did you have for supper last night?

    I had this Butter Chicken made in the slow cooker! Super easy and super awesome! You'll be able to eat it for like 3 days!
  8. @SugarcubeODThanks! I'll definitely look for more protein snacks. Am I allowed to snack when I get a craving or should I just try and let it pass after some distraction? What if I'm actually legitimately hungry and not just craving and bored?
  9. @ShannonM816Thanks for the advice. I was hoping you wouldn't confirm what I already thought which was just to get rid of the mangoes altogether. Didn't help that they were in my car and that I'm in the car at 3 pm picking up my daughter when the Dragon awakens! I'll boil some eggs tomorrow for work!
  10. @saraipI know they said your advice is not advised, but thank you for letting me know that in due time the 3pm Sugar Dragon shall be tamed. I'm only on day 4 today (officially) so I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow! Thanks again!
  11. I've been noticing that every day at 2 PM-ish I get this craving for something sweet. Is this out of habit or physiological or both? Should I eat more at lunch so that I fend off these cravings? I believe they are cravings because when I asked myself can I eat a meal right now it's usually a no and I just want some sort of sweet snack. How detrimental is this during the whole 30 reset? I'm trying so hard not to give in to the compliant mangoes and I promise I only eat about one serving and then I'm satisfied and can actually make myself stop eating them.