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  1. Suggestions For Distractions?

    @SugarcubeOD THANKS for all of those suggestions! They're such good ideas- especially the plan your next trip!
  2. Hi there. This will be my 3rd round of Whole30. I read FFF and tried to implement it in terms of only eating "worth it" foods, but what I'm finding is that a lot of the foods I eat are worth it and this has lead to sabotage! I almost liked it better when I just stuck to the Whole30 and there was no question of is this worth it or not. My problem is that everything tastes good to me! A lot of the foods I love are worth it! I'm resetting again cause I've been finding myself to have low energy levels, sleepy after meals, and just overall not happy with my eating habits. I miss those days of "tiger blood" and when I was so motivated to work out. My main challenge right now is eating dried mangoes or snacking on nuts when I'm bored. Yeah they're compliant but they're also those no brakes kinda foods from me and I eat half the bag. Does anyone have any tips on how to distract oneself during those bouts of cravings? I know I'm not really hungry cause I'd eat a real meal if I was. I know for sure it's just due to boredom. Someone online suggested going outside for a run, cleaning your nails, or even brushing your teeth and drinking water which I thought were good suggestions. Just trying to see if there are other ideas out there...
  3. Ok. I'm gonna be honest. These last 18 days have been a roller coaster ride. Some days I'm all for the Whole30 business and some days I want to poke my eyes out with a dirty needle cause I'm so bored of eating the same food groups. It's gotten so bad that even my NSVs aren't enough to cheer me up and pull me out of this slump. I'm beginning to think the results aren't worth this much trouble and torture. On the flip side, I still am determine to finish but would like some suggestions for how to pull through. Would also appreciate any recipes that will get me excited about eating again. I'm such a huge foodie and I think the hardest part about this is that prior to even going into this, I already have a list of my "worth it" foods and never felt guilty about eating them cause I know what I like and I know how to limit myself. So that's why I'm asking myself "Why am I doing this again?" I know yes for health reasons but I don't think I ever had a problematic relationship with food. Or maybe that's just my opinion but I really do. I feel like I'm going crazy! Is this normal? Please tell me it is and that this too shall pass!
  4. Day 18 I think I'm having a Whole30 meltdown! Help! Yesterday, I worked a 12 hour shift and was feeling pretty good. Then I ate the worst hamburger ever--tasted like cardboard and was wrapped in lettuce, a tomato slice and onion. This morning, I felt like I got hit by a train. I slept fairly well, about 7 hours but had the worst nausea and ZERO energy which is unlike how I was feeling the last week. I'm not sure what to attribute this too. So today was such a bad day. Didn't really eat breakfast cause of my nausea but managed to eat a hard boiled egg and an apple at around 7. Practically skipped lunch and was so tired and sleepy I laid in bed for about 4 hours. Then finally forced myself to eat roasted beets, grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado, but couldn't eat much. Felt a tad bit better and then ate a little bit of mango. Now (5 pm) it's time for dinner and I'm nauseated and not hungry again. Where did I go wrong??? Could my body not like hamburger meat? Did I not eat enough fats with dinner? This is so discouraging and I really don't wanna quit cause I've gone so far. Please advise!
  5. What did you have for supper last night?

    @MOboysgirlI ate it over cauliflower rice but I think throwing in a side of steamed green beans would pair well with it too!
  6. I know you're supposed to eat until you're "full" or enough to hang you over till your next meal, but what is that max amount of time that should lapsed from one meal to the next? Sometimes I don't go hungry for about 6 hours and I'm wondering if I'm eating too much at one meal? Is this bad? Also, is it expected to be constipated in the beginning? I figured since my vegetable intake is increased, I wouldn't be constipated but I kind of am. (P.S. Sorry if that was TMI.)
  7. Having A Tough Time On Vacation!

    @slc_melissaThanks for those websites! They're extremely helpful and I'll be better eynext vacation! I managed to make it through the weekend without succumbing to temptations.
  8. Having A Tough Time On Vacation!

    @Karen_Suep No NGs in the neighborhood. Safeway was as good as it gets here. We managed unscathed. It was challenging and it taught me a lot of things--like pack your own food LOL.
  9. What did you have for supper last night?

    @MOboysgirl You will love it!
  10. Does it get easier?

    Hi KatieK436, I'm not a Whole30 professional by any means, but I maybe can provide a little insight on this because I read the book and they spoke on it. The trick is you have to find and figure out foods you know are "worth it." So in the book, these "worth it" foods are the foods that you really really really love and not just things you like or are "meh". If you love a food that much, you're not really supposed to "turn it down" so to speak, because that's not food freedom. You're still attaching a "good" and "bad" label to the food itself. If the food is something you genuinely love, enjoy, and brings you joy, it should never bed "bad." Another helpful trick is to create the if/then scenarios ahead of time. (I know this maybe too late and you already attended the bachelorette party.). For instance, at that bachelorette party, you can say if my friends offer me wine (that's cheap and doesn't taste good), then I will politely decline and drink sparkled La Croix instead. They say in the book that these occasions are not about the food, they're about the experience and the people you're with. So you could still enjoy the experience without engaging in the foods/drinks that you don't really care for. For instance, this week I"m on vacation with my cousins in Denver and mind you I'm only on day 8 of my first Whole30. This has been extremely hard and tests my willpower every minute. They tell me all sorts of things like I'm silly, how can you do that? That's so hard! That's so crazy! The list goes on. So the best thing for me to do is not to be a killjoy and actually accommodate to them. So for instance, I knew they wanted dessert after dinner and I purposely asked them if they wanted to go to this shaved ice cream place. One of my favorite desserts to eat! And when I got there, yes the craving was there, but I said this time is about being with my cousins and not about the ice cream. So while they pigged out, I ordered hot tea, sat and conversed with them, played two rounds of Jenga, and then it was done. That's another thing I tell myself mentally--this is just a 30 minute or 1 hour time phase. It will pass and no one will remember I didn't eat the ice cream! And it's so true. No one will care that you didn't eat with them after dinner is done. Anyway, hope this helps somewhat! Stay true to yourself and your commitments!
  11. I'm on my second day in Denver and I'm struggling a bit or actually quite a bit. O thought I had this all prepped in my head but executing it is a 100x harder. Yesterday, we landed and ate a big compliant lunch at noon cause I knew there's a chance we might not eat for a while. I was banking on dinner but my cousin wanted Pho (Vietnamese) so we went and there was absolutely zero things I could eat there. I was so desperate I picked the boiled shrimp and pork out of a fresh spring roll. I didn't know if even this was compliant but by this time it was already 7 and had been 7 hours since my last meal. Then we watch Med a basketball game. Again--the ultimate non-compliant of foods. So by the time the game ended it was 9:30 pm and 9 hours since airport meal. Went to Safeway, bought olive oil, meat, eggs, potatoes, and an avocado. Thank goodness we have a room with a stove and cooking utensils. Does anyone have any advice for snacks or something to hold me over until I have access to real food? I know this snacking isn't ideal but gosh yesterday I really needed it. Also, does anyone have recipes for a really easy to make meal when out of town? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  12. @ShannonM816Ok confession/question. I took the mangoes out of my car, only to take it back to the car around 5 pm which is actually around the time of my next meal but I had to take my daughter to her volleyball game. So of course I was legitimately hungry at that time and didn't think to pack my dinner before bringing her. But my question is , if you are able to control the amount of fruit you eat in between cause you're craving, is that still frowned upon? Cause I can actually make myself stop eating after a certain amount. Actually I don't even have to force myself. I just naturally don't want anymore.
  13. What did you have for supper last night?

    I had this Butter Chicken made in the slow cooker! Super easy and super awesome! You'll be able to eat it for like 3 days!
  14. @Karen_SuepOMG 1000x Thank you! You're awesome. I'll definitely head over to those spots!
  15. Hi everyone this is my first go at Whole 30 and only my fourth day today. I'm going to Denver Days 6 through 10 and have never dealt with Whole 30 much let alone travel on Whole 30. Does anyone have any advice or ideas for what I can bring on the plane and what I can eat after I land? Should I bring a full-blown meal for breakfast or just snacks? I depart 6 am so I probably need a full breakfast and some snacks right? I'm so anxious about this! I really don't want to start over! Help!