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    JoyByName got a reaction from michellenyc in Day 30 done, lost 11.2 lbs!!!!   
    Ohhh, quinoa?  If thats a goer or is that part of your reintroductions?  Day 4 and I'm salivating about all the food i cant have.
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    JoyByName reacted to Kirsteen in Any vegetarian/vegan success stories out there?   
    According to the book, vegetarians have more of a challenge with the nutritional requirements of W30 but it says you can still get a lot of the benefits that way. you could have eggs, organic pastured yoghurt and whey protein. If you must eat plant based protein sources she suggests tempeh, natto, organic edemame & tofu, avoid all grains and pseudo grains and remember you'll still need plenty of fat. You can download the vegetarian shopping list.
    I'd obviously recommend eating ethically sourced meat if that sits right with you but if it doesn't, why not try it as a vegetarian. It's your body and only you can decide what you put into it. Why not experment and give it a try. If it works for you, gives you the results you want as a vegetarian, well and good, if it doesn't you can think again about whether or not to add meat. After all what's 30 days out of a lifetime? Good luck, however you decide to proceed.
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    JoyByName reacted to Crazer57 in Vegetarian proteins - Tofu ok?   
    I have been using the 'modified for vegetarians' whole30 program, so have been including tempeh and tofu, even though tempeh also includes some rice, which is not allowed in the original or vegetarian plans. I've also been including some shelled edamame that I use to make curry or stir fry. 
    It might depend on your reason for following this plan as well. My main reason was to break my habit of eating so much processed sugar, so it's not a big deal to me that I include things that aren't exactly in the program, as long as I keep them to a bare minimum and avoid those processed/added sugars in my food. 
    I made some amazing broccoli soup last week -
    As for making tempeh taste good - I have been eating it with some sauteed veggies and seasoning them copiously (cumin, oregano, anything you like) then putting some salsa and avocado on top. 
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    JoyByName got a reaction from MeadowLily in standing in a concert queue for hours on Day 15, help!   
    There was 8 girls so they headed off into a nearby cafe in pairs or used a porter loo put on by the venue, which got progressing more disgusting as the day wore on.  They amused themselves sitting on the pavement, doing each others make up and hair and chatting away.  I amused myself sitting in the nearby cafe and reading and knitting, win win i'd say!
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    JoyByName reacted to lutje in Whole30 Vegan meal ideas   
    Dear H_G_P,
    So funny to come here and see this. I finished my very vegan Whole 30 and was headed here to write a how to because when I started out I was so frustrated by the lack of ideas out there. Some general tips:
    Ignore all blogs claiming to have vegan Whole 30 ideas. More often than not, these simply eliminate non-compliant ingredients but fail at all other components of the program. For me, the most valuable thing I've learned has been about reproportioning my meals to be more protein-centered. Lots of the stuff out there is way too fruit-heavy and lacks the amount of protein you need to stay full til the next meal. When it comes to the actual Whole 30 literature, I had to consciously tell myself to take what I liked and leave the rest. Most of us who are ethical vegans (I have been for about 5 years and was vegetarian for about 15 before that) may find the tone with which veganism is spoken about to be quite dismissive and I just fundamentally disagree with their science. So, I simply reframed it in my mind -- if nothing else, I was cutting out processed food and sugar from my diet, and certainly nothing bad would come from that. You will cook. A lot. So ALWAYS make leftovers. Cook like 4 sweet potatoes at the beginning of the week. If you're making beans, soak and cook the entire bag and freeze half. Maybe make a double batch of soup and freeze some. It's hard enough to find a legit vegan option on a menu out, much less a compliant one. I ate a total of 4 meals that I didn't personally cook the entire month. Twice it was zoodles with raw bolognese that I ordered out. Once it was a lentil salad that I grabbed from the refrigerated case at the grocery in a food emergency. Once I went to a vegetarian buffet and stared with envy at my fiance as he had cake and I had my little bowl of fruit and hazlenuts.  Beans! You gotta do it, basically, or you will die of boredom (in my experience). Read up on proper soaking and even sprouting techniques. I've been veg forever and even I didn't know some of the science behind it! As for recipe ideas (sorry if I missed any non-compliant ingredients! sub as necessary)
    Breakfast Tofu scramble all. the. time. Mix it up. Add different things. My go-to's were kale/spinach/some kind of green mixed and tomatoes, or sweet potato and carrot, always with avocado on top Chickpea scramble. I didn't love this one but was happy for variety: Sausage-style tempeh crumble, with some veg mixed and maybe some apple on top: Dahl. Sub coconut oil for the butter. I enjoyed this with frozen spinach and butternut squash. Here's a good basic recipe: Tempeh sausage patties with roasted veg on the side. Black beans in coconut milk blended with half a banana. I know this sounds bizarre but in my mind it's sort of a take off of Thai-style black bean dessert. I stumbled upon this because I bought those really small Thai black beans from my local Asian grocery and was looking for a good idea of something to do with them. Turned out to be super yummy. Of course, add a veg on the side so you have a full meal. For all of these, if I needed to add a bit of fat to the mix, we're VERY lucky to have a totally compliant coconut yogurt here in the Netherlands so I'd have that with maybe  couple blueberries or half a banana. If you don't have something like this, coconut milk with with some fruit is also nice! Lunch: The easiest lunch that I could get to quickly was a bunch of edamame plus a sweet potato with a bit of almond butter, cinnamon, and dried coconut on top Almost always had dinner leftovers Chickpea stew: Edamame squash soup. Added a dollop of coconut yogurt on top and didn't add the miso. Was still great: Dinner Tofu quiche! This was a staple. I think we ended up having it every Sunday and then I'd have leftovers for breakfast or lunch twice. I used a potato crush (Thin slice a potato, bake until pliant, line your quiche pan). I did this with a whole variety of veggies -- kale, artichoke, spinach, broccoli, whatever! The quiche filling here is a good basic recipe: Tempeh bolognese on zucchini noodles plus a veg on the side: Tempeh taco meat served in romaine leaves. I usually had avocado and homemade cashew sour cream on top: Eggplant rollups: I used this tofu ricotta here with some frozen spinach, shredded carrot, or diced artichoke added: and the technique from here: Chickpeas and spinach. This is one of my favorite recipes that just happens to be compliant: So much coconut curry! I diy'd a big batch of yellow curry paste before I started and froze it into individual portions. Highly recommended. This made an easy, versatile meal. The other night I grabbed a pre-packed vegetable mix from the grocery, diced some tofu, added one of my curry paste portions, and added some coconut milk. Voila! I hope this is helpful!!! This was a hard process sometimes but I promise it is doable! Please please don't hesitate to message me. 
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    JoyByName reacted to kirkor in standing in a concert queue for hours on Day 15, help!   
    So 6 hours in line and then how long is the concert? What day of W30 will you be on?
    I'd search the forum for topics like "hiking", "backpacking", etc.  You have a bit of a bonus in that you're standing out in the cold, so refrigeration isn't an issue like it is for some.
    Salmon cakes, meatballs or scotch eggs, hardboiled eggs ... if you can take a thermos then soup could be good esp if it's really cold outside.