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  1. Shalooop

    January 2nd start date

    On my first whole30 I discovered that coconut milk and almond milk were causing me issues. I'm not doing those this time around. Also, the bulletproof coffee, I guess from the fat/oil. As far as foods to help, apples might help and also bananas.
  2. Shalooop

    Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    Don't give up. At the end of this, at the very least you will have the sense of accomplishment of sticking with something difficult. And it is always a good thing to eat healthy. You may be improving your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc.
  3. Shalooop

    Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    I felt like giving up yesterday. No particular reason or temptation, just moody I guess. But after dinner (which thankfully I had planned) I felt better. Press on good people! We can do this!
  4. Shalooop

    commitment date 1/16/2017

    Just a note: coffee is allowed on whole30. Just no sugar or dairy in it. I've finally gotten used to blending a little coconut milk into mine.
  5. Shalooop

    Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    Here is another facebook group for January 2017
  6. Shalooop

    December 5th is my fourth Day 1.

    I started my second whole30 on Dec 1st. My first one ended Nov 9th and within 3 weeks I was completely back to the old me. During my 1st whole30 I allowed myself too much fruit, including dried fruit and snacks. I managed to get through it but didn't really develop new habits or end cravings. Already I've been messing up this time around because I know I need to do this but my heart's not really in it this time. I didn't prepare as well to start and am just winging it. My hubby brought me an apple ale at dinner and I drank it so I guess today is day1 again.
  7. Shalooop

    Wholiday Whole30! Starting Dec 1!

    I just finished my first whole thirty on November 9th. Prior to that I was eating whatever I wanted. I don't binge, and I cook fairly healthy meals, but I enjoy food, a lot, and am an emotional eater. Yummy food makes me happy. I managed to get through whole30 by telling myself it was only 30 days. Within 2 weeks after finishing my whole30 I was back to old habits and regained 4 of the 10 lbs I had lost. For me I needed longer to not just "get through it" but to change my habits and taste buds. So I started again on December 1st. I am allowing myself dairy as coconut milk and almond milk cause me gastritis. But I want to transition into lifelong good habits this time.
  8. Shalooop

    12/12- Starting :D

    Check out instgram and search #whole30 or #paleo for ideas. Also YouTube. You can have sweet potatoes which kids usually love, mashed, baked or as oven fries. Also can cut up an apple or other fruit as a side. And white potatoes are allowed too.
  9. Shalooop

    Here we go...starting 11/28!

    Maybe you can give the food to a food pantry or shelter?
  10. Shalooop

    Yesterday in the City of Angels

    One good thing about loving to cook is that you may expand your horizons and creativity even more. I really enjoyed the cooking aspect of my 1st whole30 as did my family that wasn't even on the program.
  11. Shalooop

    Wholiday Whole30! Starting Dec 1!

    I'm also starting Dec 1st. This will be my second Whole30 but the first wasn't perfect and I quickly fell back into old, unhealthy habits. ( I am slightly modifying it to include legumes though as I feel they are very healthy and don't negatively affect me. ) Hipefully someone else will join us
  12. Shalooop

    Coffee Creamer Cravings

    I'm on day 30 and coffee is the single hardest thing for me. Can't drink it black but can't seem to not drink it. I'm finally able to drink it with just coconut milk. It takes about 1/4 cup though. I use full fat coconut milk from the can. Best to scrape contents of newly opened can into a blender for a few seconds and then store in a container. Gently shake before using. Also, I can drink tea with cinnamon and a splash of freshly juiced apple juice
  13. Shalooop

    What sayings help to keep you on track?

    "I can do anything for 30 days"
  14. Shalooop

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    I know this is a very old thread but I think it's a great one. My 6 person household consists of my husband and myself, my mother in law, 2 teenagers and a 6 year old. I initially spent about $50-$75 extra buying almond butter, nuts, non-dairy milk, coconut milk and oils. Since then I have stuck to my usual budget of about $300 every 2 weeks. My husband and kids all take lunches from home. Kids eat snacks after school every day. My grocery budget also includes household items and toiletries. I don't buy organic unless it's similarly priced to non-organic. I wash my produce and meat well. I buy what's on sale. I have apps or bookmarks to all the local stores' sales flyers and plan meals based on what's on sale. I price match what I can at Walmart so that I don't have to go to each store. I screenshot the ad and show it to the cashier at the register. I've always cooked from scratch so that's not an issue. I make my own ghee. I buy lots of cabbage, kale, potatoes and bags of apples and oranges when on sale and bananas. Other fruits and vegetables are a treat when they're on sale. We use frozen veggies. I buy discounted produce from our new neighborhood Walmart. I don't buy prepackaged salads. Hope this helps and I'd love to see what others are spending.
  15. Eat ahead of time and at dinner see if there's anything that you can eat and have a little of that. If the host seems to notice your not eating then tell them why you're not eating.