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    The crazy things people say

    Reading this one literally made me laugh until I peed my pants a little. I finished reading this topic & want more! Hilarious! Mine came before I started Whole30... having a conversation with a co-worker who has had weight-loss surgery (which would lead ME to believe she knows at least some basic stuff about nutrition & macronutrients - because don't you have to take classes & stuff before the surgery?? My mom did...) anyway, we got to talking about carbs, and she told me that meat has carbs in it. I was flabbergasted. I assumed she meant if you put breading on it or something, but as I kept pressing her, come to find out... no, she was quite positive that meat (just plain meat, such as ground beef straight from the butcher) has carbs in it. I literally had to find it online and show her that she was nuts before she would believe me.