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  1. So this is my 3rd go around doing Whole30. I love it and thought that I should get my Mom to do it since she is saying she wants to lose weight and has a lot of aches and pains and general tiredness. She is 89 so that is to be expected and she also has dementia. She is in stage 4ish and doing pretty well. So we started on 1/14/19 and we are on day 10. I am feeling amazing as I always do at this time and she is exhausted! She doesn't want to drink her tea (she has about 4 cups of decaf per day) since she cannot use Sweet N Low. She is eating everything I give her and there is nothing that she can get a hold of to go off schedule so there is no cheating. She slept most of the day today and feels super out of it. I am wondering if I should just encourage her to push through and things will get better in a week or if I should allow her to add Stevia back in so that she is drinking more and keep things going. Does anyone have experience in this? Anyone have similar experience of story?