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  1. Hi there! I'm a fellow night-shifter also. I work 12 hour night shifts as a registered nurse in OB. I started Whole 30 on 10/26 and I'm 19 days in. The light switched for me at 2 weeks, when I didn't feel like I was STARVING in-between meals. I've discovered a lot of good meals that my family enjoys eating also. I pack healthy snacks to get me through the night on the nights I work.
  2. Hello everybody! I'm a late-comer to Whole 30's forum. I'm 19 days into the program. I'm a mother of 2, a wife, and my family lives in California. I'll be celebrating my 29th birthday next month, and a little over 3 weeks ago I decided I was ready for a change. I have been a yo-yo dieter for a lot of my life, and grew up with self-esteem issues. I tried Weight Watchers a countless number of times, and did a short time of Paleo before I got pregnant with my first child. One of my good friends told me about the success she'd had doing Whole 30 (she did a Whole 40), and the incredible amount of energy she'd had since cleaning up what she ate. My husband started out Whole 30 with me, but despite us supporting each other he hasn't been able to stick with it. He's always been naturally trim and has never had to "diet". He wanted to eliminate added sugar and toxic food from his diet. He says that whatever I buy and cook for him, he will eat. But he continues to be around unhealthy food at work, and works with guys whose wives cook them unhealthy food, which they bring into work. He eats well when he's around me, but eats some non-Whole 30 friendly food when I'm not around. He is on my side and praises my accomplishments. I hope that him continuing to see me succeed and feel good with push him to want to do this himself. You can't force a grown man to do what he doesn't want to do. I'll continue to cook my healthy food and buy my healthy food My son is 3 1/2 and my daughter just turned 2. Life is hectic, crazy and busy with our little family, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I weighed 175 lbs before I got pregnant with my son (I was doing Paleo 1 month before I even knew I was pregnant), gained 45 lbs with the pregnancy, lost 25 of it before getting pregnant with my second, gained 20 lbs with that pregnancy, and was down 15 lbs from that weight before starting Whole 30. Throughout this journey with Whole 30 I have discovered that weight is simply a number and that it doesn't define me. Thoughout these 19 days I have noticed a difference in my clothes fitting better, my face has cleared up and my energy is through the roof (when I'm sleeping and awake during normal times!) I work night shift as a registered nurse in OB (7pm-7:30am). I have noticed that during my stretch of shifts working night shift that I am still tired (daytime sleeping is never the same as nighttime sleeping), but I am able to cope with working my shifts while continuing to eat the food I should be eating. I'm no longer picking cookies and donuts off of our snack cart at work. I'm no longer craving that food. I do work with fellow nurses who fill their bodies with junk, and snack all night long on processed food filled with all of the wrong things. My co-workers do know that I am doing Whole 30, and do attempt to not offer me their junk food, and praise me doing so well. The hardest thing for me to get rid of when I started Whole 30 was sugary creamer in my coffee! I am a coffee drinker, and have come to LOVE black coffee with a splash of canned coconut milk. SO GOOD I still cannot believe how much BETTER I feel from cleaning up my diet. Finding new recipes is exciting for me. It's also been a little bit of a challenge finding and making food that my husband and kids also enjoy eating. But I have found some yummy meals they like. At this point, I cannot even see myself going back to my toxic ways of eating. I would seriously binge eat on CRAP. Then feel bad for eating crap, only to eat more crap. I want to be a role model for my kids (and husband! ), and am excited about this journey I am on. I'm happy that all of us on this forum are on this journey together. Please feel free to comment, any fellow mommies/nurses/wives/those with picky eaters they have to feed!