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  1. DeeRT


    The book It Starts With Food is SUPER informative and lays it all out to the letter. I highly recommend it. Dee
  2. DeeRT

    UK "E Numbers" to avoid

    Just my two cents - that "numbers" situation would downright make me pull my hair out. I'm sure it's helpful to get a list like this. ☺️
  3. DeeRT

    Funky Ghee?

    No, it wasn't Trader Joe. But I am going to get another brand and compare. Because it's yucky. Thanks for the response!
  4. DeeRT

    Funky Ghee?

    Hi all... i just bought ghee & used it for the first time. It smelled kinda funky, almost like off milk, but I don't know what it's supposed to smell or taste like. I scrambled eggs in tasted kinda the same as it smelled - a little off, like sour milk. Yes I felt sick to my stomach! But I am almost always dealing with a funny tummy. (Hence on the brink of doing W30) Is it supposed to be strong and funky like that? Thanks, DeeRt
  5. Thank you Shannon, that post you linked was helpful. I also have that cookbook...bonus! deanna
  6. Hi there...I am a Respiratory Therapist. I work a day/day/night/night (then 5 days off). do you just bring your regular (Whole30) meals to your shift, or do you just have snacks. I find I am starving on my night shifts...I think I'm just tired. Any suggestions for night friendly meals would be fantastic. Thanks, Deanna