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  1. Silver Penguin

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    Your post made me smile, @NoMoreCrunchyCravings. I remember several occasions when I was precepting a newer nurse and had to ask him/her to quietly stand and watch, take notes and make a list of questions for later. The patient's needs must come first especially when they're unstable. In hindsight, those crazy busy assignments were my favorite. Like you, I went home exhausted but I really felt as though I'd made a difference in someone's life. I miss that part of nursing but enjoy my work in informatics now. Jill
  2. Silver Penguin

    Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    I'm a couple of years older than you are and have suffered from reflux and general aches for as long as I can remember. I've been on reflux meds until recently. I'm on day 29 and my reflux is gone, as are the aches. I believe it was the dairy that was causing it for me. It feels so good to be in control. I feel so good with this way of eating that I will be continuing long after the 30 days. Jill
  3. Silver Penguin

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    I think this is a difficult concept to grasp, for anyone who hasn't been in a busy ICU setting. Sure, there are rules about how many hours you can work between breaks but when there isn't a qualified person available to relieve you, you simply don't get a break. Many times, I've snacked on stale graham crackers and stewed coffee, standing outside a patient's room, while knowing that I had a healthy entree and a salad in the fridge. Somehow, it's socially acceptable to inhale junk in the non-food areas of the hospital but not a decent meal. I admire all of those who are sticking to their plan, despite the challenges of working in a hospital. I work from home now, so I have it much easier than other nurses. Jill
  4. Silver Penguin

    Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    May I join you guys for January? I'm just a few days behind you, with day 30 coming up tomorrow. I'm not sure just how things will go next week but I know that getting back on the program will come as a relief. I've planned my dinners for the week already, with leftovers from the main meals to use as meal 1 and meal 2. I agree that there will be a lot of new people starting in January, but I'd like to be with a few folks who are on their second (or more) go around. Jill
  5. Silver Penguin

    January 2nd start date

    LOL! You have just described me, perfectly except that my desk is at home so I don't even make the effort to go to a drive thru. I'm guilty of having wine, cheese and crackers for dinner far too often because I couldn't be bothered to fix a meal. I'm on day 29 of my first round and found this plan much easier to stick to than I expected. I'm definitely in for another round in January. Jill
  6. Silver Penguin

    Not getting ther results I had hoped for

    Maybe you are seeing results? not just the ones you had hoped for. Perhaps your body is in a happy place weight-wise already? You mentioned enjoying this way of eating. I heartily encourage you to continue with it. Several of the sources that I've read mention that if you don't feel the magic in the first 30 days, it may still be there waiting for you a few days further along. Have you looked into starting / changing your exercise routine? Perhaps some strength training to redefine your body shape might help. The number on the scale can be very misleading since it doesn't say anything about health or body composition. (And I'm telling myself this, while I'm saying it to you). My day 30 is tomorrow and I'm eager to look at the scale but I promise that it will be going back into the closet for another month after I do. Jill
  7. Silver Penguin

    Older women following Whole30

    My Day 30 falls on Christmas Eve so I'm planning a week of mostly compliant eating but with some reintroduction and flexibility. A group of friends will be starting their first round in January so I'm definitely back for more. It's taken me a long time to get this far away from being healthy so it's reasonable to think it will take a while to return to good health. J.
  8. Silver Penguin

    Older women following Whole30

    Hello everyone, I'm 55 and on day 26 of my first Whole 30. I have not had one single hot flash in the last 26 days! I'm feeling better than I've ever felt in a very long time. Just got to get my act together with some meal planning and prep time. I was training to run a half marathon (very, very slowly) but various health concerns have changed my goal to walking the 13.1 miles. I'm up to ten miles so far so I should be good for the event, in February. My training buddies are all inspired to start a new eating plan on Jan 2nd so I'll be doing my second W30 as they do their first. Hoping I can start to run short distances again soon and build up my endurance. I'm carrying one heck of a lot of extra pounds right now but I feel as though a few of them have gone away in the last three weeks. I know that a lot of the inflammation, pain and soreness has gone away. Jill
  9. Silver Penguin

    Compliant Starbucks Drinks?

    I will visit SB occasionally, because it's convenient for me. In the past, I've ordered regular coffee and added half and half. Monday, I planned to drink my coffee black but asked, just on a whim if they had coconut milk. They did. They put some in my coffee and it was perfect. Now, if I were truly Whole 30 to the bone, I would have asked to see the ingredient list for their coconut milk but I figured it was better than dairy, whatever it had in it. It will be another couple of months before I visit SB again so this isn't a regular thing. J.
  10. Silver Penguin

    How often do you cook?

    If you have a stick blender, the mayo is much easier than it sounds. The trick is to add the oil slowly. If you have a deep, narrow container it will mean less clean up than a shallow, wider one. There are lots of sauce and dip recipes in the book that will jolly up boring food. You might batch cook some plain chicken breasts then add different sauces and veggies. Store bought guacamole (check the ingredients list) can be a good way to get the fat into your meals. Pre-chopped veggies are an extravagance but probably well worth it to you. On the plus side, the 'tiger blood' energy level will help you through your residency. Good luck (from a former PICU nurse, who knows what resident hours look like). Jill
  11. Silver Penguin

    Yesterday in the City of Angels

    @jaySKerrck Any chance you might share some of your exciting, compliant combinations with those of us who are less inspired? I love the sound of an emergency potato. I have a lemon Lara bar that sits in a conspicuous place in my car. It's as much a talisman as anything else. Lara knows she's there. I know she's there. Lara will keep me safe from temptation. Worst case scenario, I will eat Lara but that is much better than either the hangry meltdown or binging on junk. I work from home, so I don't spend a lot of time in my car. I have learned (day 12 so far) to have a good meal before going somewhere and let that tide me over until the next planned good meal. Jill
  12. Silver Penguin

    Funky Ghee?

    This is a great topic. Thanks for sharing. I tried making ghee this weekend and didn't get it right. I now see that I didn't simmer it for long enough. I'm going to give it another try. A baked potato with butter (ghee) and salt is a total comfort food for me. Not something for every day but a treat to look forward to. Jill
  13. Oh my goodness, I haven't had Scotch eggs since I was a child. Without the breadcrumb coating, they are Whole 30 perfect. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. Silver Penguin

    11/28...Ready to Start!

    So that's why we think a lot alike. I was a Pediatric ICU nurse before leaving the bedside to pursue a career in nursing informatics. I miss the ICU and traumas were often my favorite type of patient to take care of. Now, I work from home so I have things as easy as they can get for fixing my meals. Since I don't start work until 8am, I try to get up early and do a lot of stuff before then. The only downside to that is being exhausted then 5pm comes around but my energy level is rising now that I'm eating cleaner. Last night, after work I made a batch of home cooked dog food in less than half an hour (having set a crock pot and rice pan cooking earlier) then dashed off to an exercise class. When I got home, my two pots of bone broth were done so I removed the bones and skimmed the meat off them then made one of the pans into soup by adding some fresh veg. It made for a late dinner but I felt oh, so virtuous eating home made turkey soup with real bone broth from scratch. Jill
  15. Silver Penguin

    Here we go...starting 11/28!

    Glad to hear it's going well. I'm on day 8 of my first cycle. It's been up and down so far. The hardest thing for me is getting organized for the extra time spent preparing meals. I have been known to dine on wine and cheese instead of a meal, when I'm tired. I had a chiropractic adjustment today and the doc said I was noticeably easier to align than prior to the Whole 30. I'm eagerly waiting the 'Tiger Blood' phase. What are you studying in class? Jill