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  1. Starting 2 weeks from today, April 17

    Congrats on completing your W30! Great going! Some health issues take more than 30 days of W30 to improve, often 3 - 6 months for many. If you continue with this, you may find you feel a lot better by the beginning of August. (I've been lurking to cheer CCLaymon on. I did my W30 in her excellent company starting last November. I've carried on eating W30 since then, because I like it. It's just how I eat these days. )
  2. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @Laurie, I am so sorry for your loss. Please do hang out with us here so that we can help support you in your journey toward healing.
  3. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    Cassie, that's so cool that you're a writer too! What's the title of your book? I'll definitely take you up up on your offer to read and review mine when the time comes. I agree that marketing a book is tough! Yes! @browneyedbeauty, you are one of us! @IronGirlTrixie Melissa, I want to hear more about dance camp, too! Emily, I want to hear about Iceland, too! In answer to your question: I write fantasy novels with a focus on character, inner growth, and hope. My current novel has all that, but it is also a mystery! Gotta ladies are SO cool!
  4. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @IronGirlTrixie Melissa, when do you get back home to your own kitchen? Hang in there until then! Emily's suggestions sounded good - I hope a few of them prove practical for you!
  5. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @mhemm Melissa, I can't wait to hear your story!
  6. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @NoMoreCrunchyCravings Emily, I love hearing all about your travel prep. Keep sharing! I'm learning from you! Your menu for New Year's sounds yummy!
  7. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    I cooked ribeye steaks using the Whole30 method tonight, and they were SO delicious! Who knew?! I'd been cooking steak the wrong way my entire life, sticking them under the broiler. I suspected the Whole30 method might well be better, based on the results from cooking pork chops that way, but wow! I used my cast iron frying pan, and I found some beef fat that had risen to the top of beef drippings that I'd saved. So I heated some of the fat up in the fry pan, rubbed salt and freshly ground pepper into both sides of the steaks, then seared them on one side for 4 minutes, flipped them and immediately stuck the whole fry pan into the 350F oven, where I left them for 8 minutes. Then I pulled them out and let the steaks rest for 5 minutes. They were unbelievably good! I served roasted Yukon gold potatoes and roasted green beans on the side, as well as some of the leftover chicken veggie soup, to which I added those beef drippings I'd found. Dinner was SO awesome. I had no idea that an ordinary weekday dinner could taste so good, and I am now supremely grateful that the Whole30 book has succeeded in teaching me what no other recipe book - over the course of 4 decades - had managed to do: HOW TO COOK! I'm in an especially good mood, because the revision work on my novel has gone really well this week. I finished some really tricky revision work yesterday and was tackling more mundane revision work today. I'm not quite done, but soon, soon I will be. I'm feeling very pleased that I've managed to Whole30 my way through the holidays, that I've been able to fit in a lot of gym visits for swimming and weight lifting through the holidays (not quite my usual 6 days per week, but a good 4 days out of 7), that I didn't skimp on holiday prep and holiday celebrating, and that I returned to working on the novel the instant my parents headed for home. It feels great to be putting in time and energy on all my top priorities. I'm eager to have all my sister Whole30ers back as we jump on 2017 with more Whole30ing together. Go, us!
  8. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @MizRik Rikki, I'm SO glad you will be back with us soon! Hang in there in the meantime! @CCLaymon Cassie, major congrats on staying strong and remembering that eating well and avoiding sugar makes you LESS stressed. Fantastic going when the pressure is sky high! Your idea for a special COMPLIANT New Year's sounds EXCELLENT! And I think your plan for when to start the new thread is perfect.
  9. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @NoMoreCrunchyCravings Emily, I'm awed at how together you sound regarding prep - both logistical and mental - for your trip. You're a role model for any traveling Whole30-er! I was planning on talking a little about my day in this post (it was a good day), eyelids are falling closed. So I think I am going to head toward sleep instead.
  10. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @CCLaymon Cassie, it sounds like you are having all sorts of wins. Keep taking good care of yourself through the upcoming stressfest! @mhemm Melissa, your sensible and measured plan for starting your next Whole30 sounds excellent! Go, you! @NoMoreCrunchyCravings Emily and @higs, thanks for cheering me on! It feels great to hear "Good job!" I've worked out menus for New Year's! Eve: deviled eggs (I love them!), cucumber slices, green and red bell pepper strips, herbed mayo dip, olives, Genoa salami and lunch meats and cheeses (for husband and kids). fresh blueberries, fresh raspberries, apple slices (for husband and kids), orange slices, kiwis, kombucha, Martinelli's (for husband and kids), baguette and water crackers (for husband and kids), ice cream (for husband and kids). Day: homemade vegetable chicken soup (made with bone broth), baked potatoes (with optional grated cheese and baked broccoli for my vegetarian guests), green salad with homemade vinaigrette, ice cream and coconut ice cream for everyone but me.
  11. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    Oooh! I didn't know there was a sriracha flavor. I want to check it out! You make perfect sense. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to eat tomatoes. And when I can, I want to try this recipe. It sounds so yummy. Good! I'm eager to have the whole gang back for our second go, whether it's on this thread or a new one that @CCLaymon starts for us. LOL! Don't we all! My sugar dragon was SO powerful at the start of my Whole30. I like the idea of being able to indulge every now and then, but I worry that if I try it, my sugar dragon will simply seize control. But I'll worry about that when I get to the completion of my Whole60 (or Whole90, if I decide to go for that long).
  12. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @NoMoreCrunchyCravings One of the Epic jerky packs saved me over the holidays when my parents arrived 10 minutes early on the morning we were headed for church. I could have kept them waiting for 10 minutes, but didn't really want to. I could have skipped eating breakfast altogether, but definitely didn't want to do that. Instead, I filled up my KleanKanteen with water and took along the Epic jerky. Once I got my mom settled (she uses a walker and is not very mobile) with my dad keeping her company, I went back down to the car and had my "breakfast" of jerky and water. It meant I didn't get hungry during the service, tiding me over nicely to when we returned home and I fixed lunch. I think I need to re-stock, so that I'll be prepared for whatever the next emergency will be. Thanks for reporting on your dairy day. I'm interested to hear how all your re-intros go. @CCLaymon My husband started our own New Year's tradition back in 1994, when we realized that we just didn't want to go anywhere, but still wanted to do something special. He decided to plan and make a smorgasbord-style dinner as a treat for me! It harked back to when we were dating, and he would prepare a dinner for me, because he was (and is) an excellent cook. That first New Year's Eve dinner was long before I'd ever even heard of paleo or low-carb eating. The menu (as I recall) was Genoa salami, pickled herring, smoked whitefish, Swedish meatballs, a baguette and butter, water crackers, Brie cheese, Manchego cheese, sliced apples, sliced starfruit, sliced kiwis, and cookies, plus Martinelli's sparkling cider. We've had some variation of that ever since. I need to put my thinking cap on and come up with a compliant version! On New Year's Day, we'll have over two old friends (and their families) for a potluck dinner - it's another tradition, this one established back in 1986 (I think), before I'd ever met my husband. I need to think about what I'll be cooking for that also. Where's everybody else? How are your re-intros going?
  13. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    Smart to have something in the freezer for your homecoming. I think @mhemm made chocolate chili a week ago (although not with elk ) and she said it was delish.
  14. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @NoMoreCrunchyCravings Your plan for reintroduction and travel makes great good sense. Nice going!
  15. Enough excuses! Starting 11/21!!

    @CCLaymon Hang in there with the VA house challenges. You can do this! You ARE doing this!