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  1. Pre/Post Workout Meal Question

    I am using tempeh, organic tofu, edamame, and dried-soaked-cooked legumes. I also have almond butter but have yet to use it for anything (same with the edamame and raw almonds).
  2. Pre/Post Workout Meal Question

    Can I jump in here, since I was wondering the same thing? I am vegan and am participating in Whole30 for the first time (maintaining a vegan lifestyle so I recognize that my plan will be a bit different). I also do intense weight training 3 days a week, before 6 am. Any suggestions for a vegan for a PWO snack? I cannot seem to understand the carb/fat/protein combination and which is best? Has anyone any suggestions for me? Also I am midway through day 4 and the hangover is kicking in big time, which might explain why I can't understand the proper format for the snack lol. Thanks so much!
  3. Whole30 Vegan meal ideas

    Wow, thank you so much for all your insight and help! I will most certainly be using these recipes and I really appreciate the tips. I agree, there is little to no chance I will be consuming meat or eggs, and I am doing this to eliminate sugar and processed foods from my diet. I am certain that my body will thank me. Your curry suggestions sound incredible. Thank you for your detailed response and I will most definitely be contacting you with questions once I begin! Great to know there are others out there who have had success as vegans
  4. Hi there, I will be starting the Whole30 program in January (am reading the book but it's too close to Christmas) and I am sooo excited. I am a relatively clean eater but I love sugar. This will be hard! I have been vegan for 3 years so I am not willing to change that. However I know that there must be people who have had success and have recipes to share. I'm already trying to limit the processed foods so that I can be somewhat more prepared. I would love to collect some tried and true, complaint recipes for my roster. Ideally I could test them beforehand too! Any help would be wonderful; I'm excited and want to be successful. Thanks in advance!