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    GemLove reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    I started on Friday May 1:
    Meal 1: romaine salad topped with chicken salad, Walnuts, red cabbage, Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing
    M2: potato egg salad, carrot sticks
    M3: roast beef tenderloin, potatoes, Veggie Confetti Cauli-rice from W30 Fast and Easy cookbook
    NSV: I ate well and have lots of leftovers for the weekend
    NSV: I tried a new food (riced cauliflower) and a new recipe (veggie confetti) & loved it
    My hacks to habit: clean the kitchen after every meal, no excuses, so it’s always ready for when I need to cook 
    Plan for Saturday: defrost my upright freezer, so it’s a pleasure to use
    Day 2, Saturday May 2:
    M1: romaine salad with chicken and stuff, PK ranch
    M2: potato egg salad, carrot and celery sticks
    Snack: banana 
    M3: leftover veggie confetti rice
    NSV: Upright freezer is defrosted and re-organized. It looks fab
    Hack to habit:  Always keep washed romaine leaves in the fridge, wrapped in a clean dish towel and ready to use

    Plan for Sunday: prepare more homemade mayo, plan menus for myself and my family the upcoming week