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  1. ShuttleWitch

    Day 26, and I'm dying.....

    I would get a separate fridge for another room such as your room or the garage. I always have to hide food, but I hide all lunch snacks and bottles of water or I can’t keep up. Or make boiled eggs and put a sign on them that says, “Do not eat!” Also, my advice would be to just do Whole 30 for yourself and make some of your meals separate. They will still enjoy the results!
  2. ShuttleWitch

    Today is my 1st Day

    Jen, How did your whole30 go in October? What was your result? What did you like/not like about it?
  3. If you work at it, I'm sure you will be able to find some things that you will enjoy eating. Still eat small servings of the veggies. Does the clarified butter help on the veggies? I personally love burgers so I made a burger last night (I'm not sure if you like mushrooms but I used a portabello as a bun). I'm SOOO into the baked sweet potato or potato fries. Bake in the oven very simply even just with salt and pepper. Another thing I have noticed with the Whole 30 is that things start to taste differently. Certain foods taste really good to me that do not normally taste good.
  4. ShuttleWitch

    Dates as fruit serving

    Costco has good berries in my opinion and they are not always as expensive as the regular grocery store. My favorite is also frozen organic berries from the healthfood store. The blueberries tend to be smaller and so yummy. But usually expensive.
  5. ShuttleWitch


    It says sugar, less than 1 gram? If it has any sugar in it you can't use it.
  6. ShuttleWitch


    Kathy, I have never been diagnosed with IBS but I have symtoms of it being the oppositeof you-severe gas and diarrea (only if I start eating convenience foods and soda). I am on my 15th day I think? It has really really helped my symptoms but I can see how the program could cause constipation. I would eat only a serving of meat at every meal. Don't over do on the meat and then maybe eat cooked or canned veggies and fruits. Have you ever read Eating for IBS? It talks about foods that make IBS flare up. I use her ideas and apply some of the ideas it to my diet. I have to keep my fat really low or I have extremely severe gas that literally makes it so i can't go out in public. Anyway, the lady who wrote the book has something called Heather's Tummy Fiber which has no sweeteners and is made of acacia fiber. It works really well for me. Good luck.
  7. ShuttleWitch

    Today is my 1st Day

    Thank you Bonnie and Art Fossil! Yesterday I really felt the clear headedness and more energy and motivation. I woke up earlier and felt less lethargic which is basically a miracle after 4 years of struggling with super low energy. I got my windows washed and a bunch of cleaning done! A miracle.
  8. ShuttleWitch

    La Croix

    Yes, I drink it all the time in the middle of my whole 30. I love the skinny cans with the mixtures of two fruits in them.
  9. ShuttleWitch

    Not a fan of meat

    They do have the section in the book for vegan or vegetarian. To make Whole 30 pleasant it seems to me that you need to eat meat but if you read that section it will give you some ideas. You could come up with a couple of casserole options that included some meat and potatoe and veggie. Do you like cans of tuna? I like that if I don't really feel like meat.
  10. ShuttleWitch

    Ghee question

    I noticed it tasted rancid as well but I didn't know the word for it. It can still taste good just a little funny. Maybe I will try the other brand.
  11. ShuttleWitch

    My Enzymes

    My enzymes have lactase in them. Would they be considered as having milk ingredients in them? I was amazed at the Vitamins I usually take, 1/2 of them have a non Whole 30 ingredient!
  12. ShuttleWitch


    Vitamin D is something I take as well. I have one brand that has soy lecithin in it and one that doesn't. Go to your local health food store and look at their Vitamin D. There should be an option for you!
  13. ShuttleWitch

    Coconut Water

    Thank you! There is a great one at a health food store nearby. I guess I'll just drink it every once in awhile.
  14. ShuttleWitch

    Emergency food ideas

    A bar that you could also try that might not be as tempting is the Epic bar. I just tried them because this store by me was going out of business. They had them so I bought a few. They are like jerky and not as "tempting" I would say. Also think a disposable "bag" of tuna or chicken if it is Whole 30 compliant, unsweetened applesauce packets and even the "baby food" idea in the travel tips (babyfood squash, heated 20 seconds).
  15. ShuttleWitch

    Today is my 1st Day

    Today is my first day! I have fibromyalgia pain and some of the other issues listed in the "list" in the Whole 30 book. I absolutely love how the book is presented and how the author communicates. Recently I found out I was allergic to gluten and dairy after having some tests so I am delighted that Whole 30 excludes these. I just wanted to say hello and say that I had my first day today! It's going beautifully and I'm not hungry yet. I enjoyed going to the local Trader Joe's and finding some fantastic new foods to try.