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    I love Celestal Seasonings Bengal Spice tea...pretty cinnamony and spicy. My son likes Republic of Tea vanilla rooibos. It's sweet, but no sugar. I also like their breakfast blends (particularly the English and Irish) in the mornings instead of coffee.
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    My husband and I started on Friday with our very first round. I just want to encourage you  I've been very overweight for several years, so that was the catalyst for wanting to start, but as we read through It Starts With Food it clicked for both of us for different reasons. Nicole72 - I've have chronic lower back and hip pain for the last couple of years, especially while I sleep. Wake up in the night aching and no amount of meds seem to help. I started easing into Whole30 about mid week and had my last go at gluten on Wednesday. Saturday morning I woke up and realized it was the first pain free night I'd had in a long time. In just a few days of eliminating that one thing I saw a difference, so there's definitely something there and I'm more excited than ever to see how I feel a few weeks from now. Like I said, weight loss was at the core of why I wanted to do this, but I know that there are already so many other benefits. And, food prep is definitely a huge help. On Thursday before we started I cleaned out my fridge, not just the food, but literally cleaned it and it was so refreshing to open a clean fridge! I knew there was no junk in there or stuff that I felt like we 'had to eat'. I took time and prepped containers of veggies that we can use for just eating, salads, and putting in meals and as I was slicing and chopping I realized that it had been a missing piece for me. I was all of the sudden excited about all the good food that was in our fridge. And meals don't need to be complicated. Sear a steak/hamburger/chicken breast, make salad and cook a sweet potato or potato for an easy, fast meal. From there you can start experimenting. Honestly, our family enjoys the mix up withs sauces and marinades more than big complicated meals. Make it a goal to try one new meal a week and you might be surprised how much more you get inspired when you find you're eating good, wholesome food.