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  1. Hey there! I understand how to reintroduce foods in the next ten days and evaluate how I feel. But once that's all over do I continue to eat 3 meals a day? Do I go back to having snacks? Thanks!
  2. Hey Whole30 fam! I just started a new job where I'll be working from 11-3:30 solid, no break time for eating. Should I try to fit Meal #2 before or after working? Right now I'm going to the gym early in the morning plus consuming my first meal in the morning so I don't want to have too much food before 11 am. But I also don't know if I should wait until 4pm because I'll be having dinner around 6pm. Any thoughts on how I should schedule my day now?
  3. January 2nd start date

    Good luck with your class!! You've got this!
  4. January 2nd start date

    This community is seriously so great! I look forward to reading all the posts for the day and I feel encouraged just from all the positivity. Tonight was a really big milestone for me because after I finished dinner I didn't think about food once! I didn't imagine dessert or a snack and I walked right through the the kitchen to my room without even a glimpse at the fridge! I haven't felt many of the side effects or benefits from the reset (yet) but this progress is so uplifting. I'm already worried about how my life will be afterwords, if I will fall back into my old habits or just feel lost! Good luck with the rest of this journey. You are great!
  5. Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    This thread is awesome! I got so many new ideas for breakfast. Does anyone have some yummy breakfast/meal 1 soups that they like? Sometimes I miss having warm oatmeal on a chilly morning so maybe a type of stew would be satisfying!
  6. Good work on leading a whole group of people! It's great that you're encouraging people through the process. I'm definitely a newbie and don't have the most knowledge but there are a couple things I've read that might help. Hopefully a moderator will provide you with even more resources and ideas though One thing is to look at the timing of each meal because that helps to balance hormones. The first meal should be eaten within an hour of waking up because that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Without breakfast (or meal one) it throws off your hormones and can mess with your hunger cues for other meals. The second thing is if you drink coffee before you eat it can make you feel full. It's an appetite suppressant so I've seen suggestions to consume it after you've eaten. And the last idea is to maybe have a veggie challenge. If they can shift their mentality from "existing on less food" to eating a ton of vegetables it might be fun. I'm certainly no expert but hopefully you're able to form something useful from it all. Good luck with everything!!
  7. Are all sweet cravings bad?

    Thank you so much for all of the information! This community is awesome.
  8. So I understand that the spirit of the Whole30 is to tame the sugar dragon and to change eating habits. I just finished day 4 of my first round and I'm wondering if craving certain flavors can be bad? Like sometimes you really want some spicey chicken for dinner or you love sour foods, is it bad to want something sweet with a meal? I'm just trying to better understand how to draw the line between giving in to old habits and listening to what your body needs.
  9. Ideas of how to get your mind off of food?

    Now that the Whole30 has started I've found that drinking water really does help! It's a little lame but I look forward to drinking mineral water in my fancy wine glass with lots of ice. Plus reading the forum helps me feel connected to the community and I forget all about cravings! Hope you're doing well!!
  10. Compliant Chicken Broth

    I almost bought that one the other day but it has some form of yeast in it, which makes that one kind of a grey area! But I did find an organic one at Walmart that's compliant.
  11. January 2nd start date

    Thank you for the tip about the tea! I've been looking for things to take my mind off the cookies and milk my husband has before bed. What are some of your favorite tea combinations? I'm thinking of getting some cute mugs to drink it out of too, just trying to keep things fun. Good luck with everything!
  12. January 2nd start date

    That attack sounds really scary! Hopefully you're able to recover quickly and take on the rest of the challenge. Let us know how you improve!
  13. Yeast Extract in organic chicken stock?

    Great thank you!
  14. This has probably been addressed but I can't find it at the moment. Is yeast extract allowed in chicken broth? It's organic! I just cant make my own yet so thought I'd buy some. Thanks!!
  15. January 2nd start date

    You can do this! It's my first round so I can't speak from much experience but just focus on the days that you have completed so far. There are tiny accomplishments that we can still get excited over even though this is just the beginning. Best of luck!